Pied Beauty Summary

Ans. Pied Beauty Summary “Pied Beauty” is a religious poem composed by Gerrard Manley Hopkins, the great poet, thinker, reviewer, and scholar during the Victorian period in English language and literature.

The poet was a great believer in the existence of God and he had felt the mighty power of God in and every iota of this Universe. He was extremely surprised to see the pied beauty of nature and was extremely glad to visualize the grandeur of the world.

Critical appreciation on Pied Beauty

The Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience of God can be felt in the objects and creation made by Him. In the eyes of the poet, we must be grateful to God for dappled things and the shining couple color of the skies is akin to a bridle cow. All the objects are obedient to His wishes.

Pied Beauty Summary
Pied Beauty Summary

The trots were swimming in the water which seems to the eyes. Fire – coal, chestnut falls, finches, plotted landscape, fallowed – land are some beautiful objects. All the trades gear, tackle, and trim. God presents Himself in the shape of nature.

God, as the poet feels, is the great master of art and He has painted this Universe with a shade of light and darkness as well as dots and spots. According to the poet, all things created by God are counter, original, spare, strange, fickle, and freckled. None can say the mysteries of the Universe. He is our great protector.

We see that swiftness, slowness, dazzle, dimness exist in his creation. The poet feels that he loves his creations.

Theme on Pied Beauty

This poem is pregnant with higher thoughts and ideas. The words applied are highly suggestive, effective, impressive, evocative, sonorous, and up-to-mark.

The marks of punctuation are used in abundance. The way of depiction is in catechism. It is divided into two segments and is interlinked with each other. It is in a sprung rhythm, having four or five stresses to a line. Its rhyme follows abc, db , cd , e.

Pied Beauty Summary
Pied Beauty Summary

It is an exposition of the poet’s intense love and staunch faith in God and His creation. The poet has delineated his great religious outlook and belief in Christianity in a Vivid, explicit, and consummate manner.

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