Anthem for doomed youth

Ans. ‘Anthem for doomed youth’ is a war poem in sonnet form composed by Wilfred Owen, a leading war poet during the Modern age in the English language and literature. In this poem, the poet has delineated a vivid picture of the war field.

He has expressed his deep thoughts on the ill fate of young soldiers. In the eyes of the poet, the young soldier are like doomed youth who meet their death like cattle. in the war field, the monstrous anger of the guns is heard which creates the ghastly scene.

Anthem for doomed youth
Anthem for doomed youth

The stuttering Rifles, make rattling sounds. It seems to the poet that Rifles are pattering out hasty orisons. The bells ringing for prayers seem as making mockeries even the mourning voice can not save the choirs.

Analysis of anthem for doomed youth

In the eyes of the poet, the demented choirs of wailing shells create a shrill cry. The bugles also call the Soldier from sad shires. It is full of strange for the poet to think over the very thought that what candles may be used to make the soldiers in motion.

In the eyes of the young boys, there shall be no shine of the holy glimmers of goodbyes. The pillar of the girl’s brows would be their pall.

The poet realizes that the tenderness of silent minds would be bruised in the terrible war, In each slow dusk, there will be coverage of darkness and blindness.

Anthem for doomed youth
Anthem for doomed youth

Wilfred Owen anthem for doomed youth

This poem is full of thoughts and ideas. It is a picaresque of the ghastly war scene The way of delineation is touchy in effect. The words applied are impressive and in catechism. Its rhyme follows systematics rules. The poet seems to be a great abhorrent of war.

He has expressed his thoughts in vivid. explicit and consummate manner.

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