Poem if by Rudyard Kipling

Poem if by Rudyard Kipling, is a learning poem composed by Rudyard Kipling. In this poem, the father is giving a lesson to his son.

Father says that one shouldn’t lose heart in the condition of disbelief and blame. One should develop confidence in the condition of doubt. One some do not get tired of wearing lies that can be won by the truth and hate by love. One must not try to look better to speak wiser.

Our dream shouldn’t be our master and our thought shouldn’t be our aim. One should behave the same in both happiness in sorrow, both are cheaters in our life. One shouldn’t speak ill behind the back of anyone. Our statement is changed by the dishonest to make us foolish. Our lively think is broken by someone sometimes. We must not get angry but we should get ready to rebuild it.

If poem by Rudyard Kipling summary

We can fulfill our wasted time by using every moment of our life only. Thus we may be the famous, popular, and perfect men. Those all teaching are very important but difficult to adept.

Poem if by Rudyard Kipling
Poem if by Rudyard Kipling

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