Print message in C using tilde

In most case, you will see scanf() work with %s, But here we are using ^(Tilde) Operator Insted of %s.The tilde operator in C for Print message in C using tilde.

Tilde in C Program

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)

char *s;
printf(“Enter some text\n”);
scanf(“%[^\n]”, s);             // read chracters until \n(enter) or EOF
printf(“your input is …%s “,s);
return 0;

Take input in C Program uing Tilde Operartor

Print message in C using tilde
Print message in C using tilde

Enter any text and get output using tilde

Print message in C using tilde
Print message in C using tilde


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Note:- Maybe sometime above code doesn’t get user-friendly output, in codeblock ‘or’ any other EDITOR, All of C & C++ program tested in DOS compiler Turbo C.

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