Recursive function program

In the C Programming language Recursion is a process of repeating items that repeat themselves in a similar way. In programming languages, if the program allows us to call a function and inside the same function, then it is called a recursion process or recursive call of the function. Recursive function program. Read here isalpha() function.

Recursive function program in C

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
int bezout(int a, int b, int *x, int *y){//recurssive
int _x, _y;
int pgcd;
if (a == 0)
*x = 0;
*y = 1;
return b;

pgcd = bezout(b % a, a, &_x, &_y);

*x = _y - (b/a) * _x;
*y = _x;

return pgcd;

int main(){
int a, b, pgcd;
int x, y;
printf("Entrez A et B: ");
scanf("%d %d",&a, &b);
pgcd=bezout(a, b, &x, &y);
//bezout(a, b, &x, &y);
printf("Pgcd = %d\n", pgcd);
printf("x = %d, y = %d", x, y);
return 0;

Recursive function in C

recursive function program in c
Recursive function program

Recursive in C

I hope you will understand recursive function via a program. If you get any kind of issue while Compiling. please Contact us.

Recursive function in C Programming


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