Sketch the character of William Falder

Ans. William Falder is the leading male character of the play ‘Justice sketched by John Galsworthy, a leading playwright, novellas, essayist and thinker during Modern age in English language and Literature. He is like the cynosure of the play whereas the rest characters and situations revolve around him. He is a young man of 23 years of age. Sketch the character of William Falder

Sketch the character of William Falder
Sketch the character of William Falder


He is a generous young fellow and his one sister is married whereas his other sister is invalid. He works as a junior clerk in the firm of solicitors, James and Walter How. He is a nice and pleasant spoken young man. He is the affectionate, gentle-hearted and good-natured person. As a lover, he is sincere, steadfast and faithful. He understands the love of ruth Honeywill as his most precious possession. He suffers a lot for the sake of his beloved. Sketch the character of William Falder

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He commits no vice except that he loves a married woman who is ill-treated by her husband. His love for Ruth is passionate, genuine and constant. He is prepared to commit forgery for the sake of his love and he even tries to face legal and moral objections. Due to her sake. He is confined to jail and during his personal life, ruth Honeywill is his only way of hope and consolation. When he comes out of prison, he is extremely nervous, lonely and helpless but just after meeting with Ruth Honeywill.

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He finds himself energetic and hopeful. In true sense, Falder is tender, ready to help the needy person. In the company of Ruth, he loses the balance of his mind and his youth is susceptibility to the amatory appeal of a married lady. Her beauty and sex appeal have made Falder blind to reason. He stoops to the level of forgery again to get a job. For the second time, he ends his misery by committing suicide. , He is a weak-willed character. Sketch the character of William Falder

Even in prison. He strikes his head against the prison wall. He possesses an unstable mind and weak will. He is a man of impulse and lacks the courage to face adverse circumstances. His decision to run away with Ruth Honeywill forge out a cheque and his commitment to suicide are all his impulsive act. Sketch the character of William Falder

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Despite his impulsive and emotional temperament, Falder is smart, dutiful and conscientious. He discharges his duties in the office faithfully and with responsibilities. Alteration in the cheque is his first and only irresponsible act of crime. He relishes his blunder and throws himself before a running bus. He before committing suicide wanted to return all the money gradually to his employers.

He is a victim of the maligned force of society. William Falder has jerked the whole situation of the play. The playwright John Galsworthy has sketched his character in a vivid, explicit, exalted and consummate manner. Sketch the character of William Falder End

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