The Gift of the Magi PDF

The Gift of the Magi PDF

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The gift of the magi questions and answers

Ans:- The Gift of Magi is an on standing story written by the Renowned American story writer O. Henry. The story renovates around a young couple, James and Della. They live in a small Hat of New York and love each other from the depth of their heart despite being quite poor. The description of their poor dwelling reveals their financial condition. They have no riches or Luxuries to haven’t but they are very proud of the two assets that they want to exchange for anything under the sun.The Gift of the Magi PDF

The Gift of the Magi PDF

The gift of the magi essay


Jim has a beautiful wristwatch which he has inherited from his ancestors and Della has long and Ca-skate like Lustrous hair. However, Christmas is around the corner and Della is keen to give a nice gift to her husband Jim. She counts the pennies that she has saved throughout the year to buy this gift but she is quite upset to notice that what she has saved after haggling with the grocer and the butches, is not sufficient to buy a suitable gift for her Jim.The Gift of the Magi PDF

She steels helpless but finally decides to recognize a great deal of coverage for any young woman at her age. She decides to sell out her beautiful hair of which she always been very proud.

                        She gets ready and goes to a shop where the heir is bought and sold. She got 20$ for her hair and feels extremely delighted because she thought it was enough for any kind of gift that she wanted to purchase for her Husband. Finally, she buys an Exbushion chain for Jim’s Beautiful Watch, with that chain on his wrist he will always remember that he has to reach home because someone is waiting for him, Della.The Gift of the Magi PDF

The gift of the magi essay

Della comes home with the precious gifts make some chips and weights for her Jim. Who is just about to come back from work Jim arrives, enters the flat as he looks at Della his facial expression is change in such a way, that it is difficult to define Della thinks he is shocked because she has lost her hair heir, She tries her best to console him saying that her hair grows test and she has sold it to buy a gift for him because she cannot live through Christmas. Christmas without giving him a gift.

Jim is holding something in his hand  Della opens the packet and having seen the gift inside it, she started crying because it was a pair of COMPS that she had seen in a Broadway window during a walk in the market. Jim knows she liked it but he didn’t have the money to buy, so he had sold his watch to built for his, Della and brought it to her as his Christmas gift. The Gift of the Magi PDF

The gift of the magi analysis

However, Della falls to control her emotion when realize, what love for each other. She starts crying and Jim tries his best to Console her he falls Della to put their respective gifts for a while because they are too good to use right, how they have sacrificed. Their must price for each other many people in the Modern Times may consider them full, because in their opinion by sacrificing the only patient to be proud of the couple.

He has shown stupidity – but there are others you think that they are the wisest. It is because when one loss out of one’s most precious possession for someone who processes the strongest of feelings for that person. Della by selling her hair and Jim by selling his wristwatch has proved how much they love each other there cannot be a better way to express their emotions that’s why the writer thinks they are the wisest.



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