What is FoxPro

Ans: – Fox-pro is a Database Management System(DBMS) Package which is developed by Fox Studio(Fox Software Corporation)in 1992. It is used to maintain the Database. Fox-pro supports both types of Database DBMS & R-DBMS, it also supports multiple relationships between multiple Database File (DBF). What is FoxPro?

What is foxpro
What is FoxPro
The function of FoxPro:-
  • It is used to insert data into databases.
  • It is used to Append the Data into the Database.
  • It is used to Delete the data from Database.
  • It is used to search the data from the database file.
  • It is used to Update the data of the Database.

Q:-What is Data?
:- Data can be anything like the name of the Palace, person, Roll no. of college students or name of a country.

Q:-What is Information?
:-When Data is in a meaning full way and related to each other it’s called Information in FoxPro.

Q:- What is Database?
:- Database is an Integrated collection of Interrelated Data. or It is a collection of Files/Data.

What is the full form of the DBMS

Q:- What is DBMS?
:- DBMS stands for Database Management System. The System which collects data from user and manages that data properly is called Database Management system.
:-Database Management are two types:-

[A.] Manual:- Record is maintained by using Paper & Pen.
[B.] Computerized:- The records are Maintain with help of the Machine.

What is the full form of the RDBMS

Q:-What is RDBMS?
:- RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System.

  • It is an advanced feature of DBMS.
  • It provides the facility to create a relation between two tables.
Q:- What is FILE?

:- In Fox-pro File is a collection of records and fields. In Fox-pro Row represent records and columns represent the field.

There are two types of file:-

A. Master File:- It is also called the main file. In this file, all Primary Data should be stored in the Master File.

B. Transaction File:- The Transaction file is Dependent on the Master file, The Daily Business transaction should be stored in a transaction file.

Q:- What is RECORD ?:-
:-Data is stored in one horizontal line of the database is called a record. and other words Record is a collection of values in fields of the table.

Q:- What is the FIELD?
:- Field is a basic part of any database Column is also called field but in a perfect way Field is a collection of data of the same type and nature.

Q:-What is Col. Width?
:-The number of digits which we specify properly with each field-name is called column width.

Ex:- DBMS software:-
:-There are three types of DBMS software:-

Ex:- RDBMS software:-
There are Four types of RDBMS software:-
3.MySQL server
4.MS Access (Microsoft)

The extension of foxpro programming file is

Q:- What is the Extension of FoxPro?

  • ‘.txt.’
  • ‘.dbf’
  • ‘.prg’
  • ‘.scr’
  • ‘.frx’

Type of Database:-
1. Homogeneous database
2. Heterogeneous database

Nature of Database:-
1. Local database
2. Remote database
3. Distributed database

Command Window:- The main purpose of command window Is to execute the command entered by user.

Foxpro commands

Q:-How to set Path in FoxPro?
:-To set path:- set the default to C:\ SOME

Set default to:- It is use to set the path of
directory name where database
will stored.
Note:- FoxPro can read only four character and FoxPro is not Case Sensitive Like C.

DataType in FoxPro:- Datatype is used to define the Attribute of a field (Data). There are six types of DataType in what is FoxPro.

A. Numeric:- It is used to hold Numeric type Value. Eg. 15,10

B. Character:- It is used to hold Character type Value. Eg. A,B,A2,B3

C. Float:- It is used to hold Floating value. Eg. 1.23, 4.5, 0.6

D. Logical:-It is used to hold True or False value. Eg. >, <, >=, =

E. Date:- It is used to hold the Date value.Eg. mm-dd-yy

F. Memo:- It is used to hold Large character data.


“There is a Basic function of Using or Understanding what is  FoxPro “

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