A Definition of a Gentlemen

A Definition of a Gentlemen, A dictionary may give us the meaning of a word, but there are many points regarding the conception of a word which a dictionary cannot preside.

The present short essay J. H. Newman is an attempt to supplement the meaning of gentleman’. The dictionary meaning that a gentleman is a man of good birth or high social standing or a man of refused manners or a man of good feeling and instincts most have appeared inadequate to Newman who as the leader of the oxford movement gave a new emotional interpretation to religion.

Summary of a Gentlemen

In this essay also it is clear that Newman attaches importance to such psychological characteristics of a gentleman, that requires of his not mere social grace but conduct modeled on basic religious principles.

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To say it more clearly, Newman’s conception of a gentleman is the image of a man conforming to the highest ideals of Christianity. This is reflected at the very beginning of the essay.

“It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who never inflicts pain”. There is such a genuine concern for the feeling of others in this conception of a gentleman that such a person must be the product of long religious training.

Essay A Definition of a Gentlemen

Only then he can so adjust his behavior as not to cause the slightest pain to others. Such a person will naturally be free from egotism which makes man selfish and motives and affected in manners.

A selfish person can never show concern for the feelings of others and he is found to cultivate such mannerisms as to attract the notice of others and impress them with his superiority.

It is also clear that by detailing such a high ideal of gentlemanliness Newman wishes to question the conduct of such a high place the person who, though of noble birth, is arrogant, self-centered, and aggressive.

When they are in the company they intend to draw all attention to themselves and to give airs of importance.

Definition of A Gentleman Summary

But according to Newman a gentleman never shows indifference to others, he is a patient and tolerant person, helpful and keloid: he has a philosophical understanding of the inevitability of pain and death.

Now with such a high spiritual level of understanding, no meanness can creep into his conduct nor can ever be unjust to anyone. Newman conducted that outwardly such a person may not care for religion “but he is a disciple of Christianity itself.

A Definition of a Gentlemen
A Definition of a Gentlemen

Thus the learned author corrects the perspective by declaring that true observance of religion does not consist in long-winded speeches or concern for the ceremony but placidity of mind and a feeling of kindness.


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