Define character of a Gentleman

Define the character of a Gentleman. A Gentleman has been defined and his character was sketched by John Henry Newman in his characteristic style. It is simply surprising that though the great Victorian writer was a Catholic Christian he was a perfect liberal.

So is the gentleman of his conception who knows how to adjust himself to the people of diverse political and religious ideologies. The author views that the gentleman as one who never inflicts pain on others.

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Sketch the character of a Gentleman

The gentleman is mainly occupied with removing the impediments that arrest the free and smooth actions of those around him. Nay, he even concurs with their movements. His benefits may be considered as parallel to what are called comforts or conveniences in arrangements of a personal nature.

The true gentleman similarly avoids carefully a role that may be caused on his account in the minds of those who are in his company. He avoids, for example, opinionative differences or callousness grudges, or resentment.

Define a Gentleman after J. H. Newman

His principal concern, it means, is to put everybody at his ease or at home. Moreover, he has his eyes on all his company. He is soft to the shameful, gentle towards the strangers or not-so-familiar, and merciful towards the absurd. He can recollect what he is speaking of and to whom. He guards against unreasonable allusions or topics which may irritate him.

The Gentleman never speaks of himself even in the terms of any retort to others. He does not lend his ears to any slander or gossip. He interprets everything for the best.

He is never mean or little in his disputes he never takes unfair advantage, never mistakes personalities or sharp sayings for contention, or insinuates evil which he dare not say. He is patient, forbearing, and resigned on philosophical principles.

He submits to pain because it is inevitable to bereavement. After all, it is not reparable. He submits to death because he thinks that this is his destiny. He is so clean-minded that he cannot be unjust. He is as simple as he is forceful.

Definition of a Gentleman by J.H. Newman

He is as brief as he is decisive. Nowhere shall we find greater candor, consideration, and indulgence. He knows the weakness of human reason as well as its strength, its extent as well as its limits. He is too wise to be a dogmatist or too liberal to be a fanatic.

He respects piety and devotion. He even supports institutions as venerable, beautiful, or useful to which he does not assent.


He is a friend of religious toleration and that, is not only because his philosophy has taught him to look at all forms of faith with an impartial eye, but also from the gentleness and softness of feeling, which is the attendant on civilization.

Define character of a Gentleman
Define character of a Gentleman

A gentleman may be a man of religion in his way even if he is not a Christian. His religion then is the religion of imagination and settlement. His religion is the embodiment of those ideas of the sublime, majestic, and beautiful Without which there can be no real philosophy. Wiki

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