Candida as a serious comedy

Ans. Candida as a serious comedy ‘Candida’ is a leading play by George Bernard Shaw. It is compacted with artistic brilliance. The playwright Shaw has exhibited his great ability in giving concrete forms of individuals and successfully revived the Old classical method of presentation.

 Discuss Candida as a problem play

The theme of the play is quite oft-repeated. This play has been claimed as a masterpiece of dramatic performance, written by Shaw. The conjugal relations of a clergyman with his wife form the main contents of the play.

A stranger named Marchbanks was introduced who declared his love for Candida, In this way, the playwright presented manipulation of the theme.

The motive of the play was an attack on the hollow, meaningless, and worn-out convention of society. Shaw presented honesty, virtue and other qualities as abstract notions.

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Candida as a serious comedy
Candida as a serious comedy

A representative play of G. B. Shaw

The plot of the play is a correct depiction of religion, duty, and devotion. Morell is depicted as an ardent socialist who was proud of the happiness of his married life.

The main characters of this play are free from conventions. Morell was the embodiment of morality whereas candida for her candidness, Burgess of bourgeois mentality, Marchbanks as an idealist, Proserpine as prosaic, and Lexy as for his laxity.

Candida as a serious comedy
Candida as a serious comedy

All the characters do not behave like jealous huhusbandsHe gave complete freedom to Candidaa to choose between him and Eugene as life partners at auction time. Candida is beautifully presented.

Critical estimate or theme of the play

Morell did represent emancipațed women. She. showed frankness in her activities. Eugene was physically weak but strong in mind. Shaw has beautifully portrayed internal conflicts.

In the character of Morell, Shaw presented the ideals of the socialistic pattern. Morell believed in Christian piety But he became a victim of inner, weakness. Eugene was a poet in appearance and character.

Candida as a serious comedy
Candida as a serious comedy

Critical estimate theme of the play

In the play Candida, the exposition of character was quick and brilliant. Shaw tried to depict Christian socialism. Candida did not like Eugene as her lover on the other hand she showed her deep regard for her husband Morell.

The playwright brought out the difference, between nobility without happiness and happiness without nobility. The miner conflicts are also depicted between Morell and Burgess on one hand and Eugene and Proserpine on other hand.

Shaw also delineated vulgarity, selfish motives, unscrupulous greed and intellectual backwardness of the business class. The dialogues of the play are lively brilliant and remarkable. Through This play, Shaw attacked the economic system of the social institution of marriage.

Candida as a serious comedy
Candida as a serious comedy

this play presents a novel conception of love. the sexual appeal was rejected in favor of intellectual level. Shaw presented the truth of married life and has called women as entirely dependant on men for her protection. This play discloses human nature in full sequence.

The playwright George Bernard Shaw has presented the characters and situations in a vivid, explicit, exalted and consummate manner.

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