Character of Angelica in love for love in play love-for-love


Character of angelica in love for love

Ans. Angelica is the leading female character of the play, ‘Love for Love’, composed by William Congreve, the great playwright, thinker, reviewer, seer and scholar during the Restoration period in English language and literature. She is the nucleus of the entire play and all the situations, characters and incidents revolve around her. Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of Angelica in love for love

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Play love for love

She is the niece of Foresight. Valentine the eider, the son of Sir Sampson legend was in love with her. Although, she did not respond to him. She was witty, generous and liberal in the outlook. She had the least respect for her uncle, Mr. Foresight. She did not care even an iota of love towards Valentine. She mocked at the superstitious knowledge of her uncle in prophecies, ridiculous dreams, and idle divination.

She also mocked at her uncle and requested him to lend his coach for her outing. At first, She did not get an amiable response from her uncle but as soon as she disclosed the faithlessness of her aunt, her uncle was demoralized. She kept ridiculous attitude towards the spirit, the celestial, the bull, the ram, and the goat. She got pleasure in vexing her uncle. She did not show any mark of respect towards her uncle, Mr. Foresight. Angelica had no sweet relation with Valentine due to his outlook and spend thriftiness and fickleness of mind. Character of Angelica in love for love

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She was suffering from a sense of false arrogance. She rebuked Valentine and called him as barbarous and Insolent. She considered herself a girl of prettiness. In her eyes, Mrs. Beniamin was an uncommon lady. She wanted to get complete Freedom in her eyes and for this, he hankered after. She showed her defiances In conversation with scandal. She was convinced of the views of the scandal. She exposed her feelings that love was neither her choice nor inclination in life. Angelica was outspoken. She scolded Tattle for his views.

She flatly called him lunatic. She wanted to get a male partner as per her own choice and understanding. She admired refined behaviors as a means of a successful life. In the last phase of the play, she comes in contact with Valentine and rebukes him for his eccentric thoughts. She cares a fig for anything in life/even she does not hesitate in freelance with Sir Sampson Legend. Angelica comes in close conversation with Ben. Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of angelica in the rover

Angelica is the living statue of feminine thoughts and feelings. Her thoughts exhibit common tendencies of women. Her behavior with other characters of the play exhibits the sense of her superiority, The dramatist William Congreve has delineated her character in a vivid, explicit and consummate manner. Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of Angelica in love for love


Character of Angelica in love for love

Character of Angelica in love for love

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