Essay about superstitions Summarise the ideas contained on superstitions by ag gardiner summary


Essay about superstitions

Ans. ‘On Superstitions’ is a thought arising essay, written by A. G. Gardiner. In it, the writer has expressed his thought about superstition in modern scientific days. The laws of the universe have solved the mysteries of natural phenomena even that superstitions play a vital role in human society. Essay about superstitions

Essay about superstitions

Essay about superstitions

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On superstitions by Ag Gardiner summary

In this essay, the writer has placed the role of the number 13 wherein a street of London a man was murdered. This letter of 13 didn’t play any role behind the tragic accident, on the other hand, it was merely a coincidence. Many persons even despise the number 13 and they get irrational terror of this number. Even in hospitals, the number of 13 carries bad luck. Essay about superstitions

The writer is of view that physical recovery is based on metal as well as physical utility. In support of his argument, the writer has quoted the example of Dines Thevenin’s who had proved that it was useless to get Terror by the number 13. In his eyes, the common human beings are under the influence of superstitions’ understanding. Even the ladder kept against a house side is not considered as a favorable event.

Essay on superstitions even today

The people in general feel uneasiness in the whirl of superstitions. The author realizes that superstitions only create mental fantasy. Science has tried its best to root out the feelings of Superstitions. It is a fact that happiness or misery is not directly influenced by superstitions. The great historical personalities like Pompy, Alexander Caesar Cicero and others had the least faith in superstitions. Essay about superstitions

It is a fact that in ancient times, the farmers of ancient Greece used to consult and keep faith in omens and oracles. Misunderstanding and ignorance create superstitions. The flight of crows and the activities of animals create suspicion and superstition on the tender mind and feelings of human beings. Essay about superstitions

Essay on superstitions even today

This passage is loaded with thoughts and ideas, The views expressed by the essayist are touchy and indelible in effect. The words applied are the carriers of thought-provoking ideas. The write has expressed his outlook on Superstition in vivid, explicit exhausted and consummate manner. Essay about superstitions.


Essay about superstitions

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