Character of Charles Darnay

Ans. The character of Charles Darnay is the leading male character in the novel, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, sketched by Charles Dickens, the great novelist, thinker, and seer during the Victorian age in English language and literature.

He is the cynosure of the novel whereas the rest characters and situations revolve around him. He left an indelible impact on the situations of the novel. He had represented the light aspect of Dickens’s personality.

He. is aptly called the real hero of the novel. He was handsome and good looking and his first appearance on the prisoners’ dock at the old Bailey impressed the audience. He had won the heart of the people due to his handsome appearance and excellent manner.

Sketch the character of Charles Darnay

He endeared himself to his friend and Lucie fell in love with him at the very sight, Even Dr. Manette is also impressed with his novel personality.

He represented the aristocratic class of the rich people who had enjoyed immunities at the hands of the king and the rulers of France. He was the nephew of Marquis of Everyone responsible for the miseries and infliction of Dr. Manette.

His manners appearance and behavior presented him as a man of stalwart personality. Although he belonged to an aristocratic family, he possessed the quality of ex-extreme sincerity. He stood by his friend and rushed to the city without caring about the danger that was involved.

Charles Darnay in a tale of two cities

It was his characteristic of sincerity that landed him in jail. He had known the affliction between Lucie and her father. He had also felt that if he would take away Lucie from Dr. Manette, it would cause great loss to Dr. Manette.

The tough resembled Sydney Carton in appearance was anti-dote to him. He did not behave in an uncontrolled manner. He loved Lucie because of her sweet temperament and good character. He was magnanimous and generous.

When Sydney Carton sought his permission to visit his house after marriage, he readily gave it. He did not fall into any bad opinion about Carton. When Lucie asked Darney to be generous towards Carton, he appreciated it.

He did not have any suspicion about the relationship between Lucie and Carton. He loved her with a compassionate nature and developed a love for knowledge and studies. He was quite shy and wanted to handle any problem with a decent and magnanimity.

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

character of Charles Darnay
character of Charles Darnay

He had loved Lucie Manette from the very beginning and had decided to break the news to Dr. Manette and then to Lucie.

Although Charles Darney hailed from the aristocracy, he had a great love for the common mass. Temperamentally, he was a democrat and believed in equality and liberty. He tried his best to convince his uncle, the Marquis of Evermonde about the ideal of equality but in vain.

A Tale of Two Cities Character

Although Marquis preferred to ‘die perpetuating. the system under which he had lived, Charles Darney, his nephew chartered another course for him. He preferred to live in voluntary exile in England.

He instructed his agent to administer his property in the interest of the poor. He also watched the course of the revolution from a distance. He wanted to be away from it.

He is an ideal man, an a.noble friend, a faithful husband, and a considerate master. Even in the prison, he behaved himself like a restrained person. At the time of his trial, he condemned himself like a common. The novelist Charles Dickens has delineațed his character in a vivid, explicit, and consummate manner.


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