Character of Sydney Carton

Ans. The character of Sydney Carton is the leading male character of the novel, ‘A Tale of two Cities‘, sketched by Charles Dickens, the great novelist, thinker, and seer during the Victorian age in English language and literature.

He is the cynosure of the novel whereas the rest characters and situations revolve around him. It was he who great impact on the fibers of the novel. He represented the pessimism of Charles Dickens himself. He was a self-sacrificing lover.

The novelist Dickens exposed many of his qualities, such as pathos, sentimentalism, and rhetoric understanding. He was a directive in the true sense. He was the most interesting personality who was not aggressive and had acted dominantly.

Sketch the character of Sydney Carton

He was recognized as a genius and represented the climax of the sacrifice. Although he was intelligent, he never bothered to make his personality independent. He played a second fiddle to his friend Stryver, the defense lawyer of his friend.

Darney was known as ‘Jakal of Stryver’. It was he who had given points to the server that made him a leading lawyer. At the time of the trial of Charles Darney, he passed on a piece of a paper to the server that made him successful in the case, and Darney was acquitted.

Sydney Carton Tale of Two Cities

He was a spoilt genius. He was in deep-rooted frustration which resulted in his pessimism. He squandered away his genius as well as his life. He used to drink heavily and did not care about his clothes and bread.

He used to weep in the bed and make the pillow wet. He was a tactful and resourceful man due to his plan. became able to escape from the prison and saved his time. It was due to his resourcefulness that Barsad, the former spy of England accepted to act according to his will.

Character of Sydney Carton
Character of Sydney Carton

While everything was arranged through his resourcefulness, he purposed narcotic drugs and other information to his comrades about his plan to humiliate Dr. Manette and the members of his family. Even in a prison cell, he acted in an extremely tactful manner and with an immense presence of mind.

He had succeeded in making Darney write a letter, he applied a narcotic drug to his nostrils, and no sooner had he become unconscious, he changed his clothes and asked Barsad to take away Darney to the carriage.

Sydney Carton

Even at the last moment, Carton did not forget to complete the detail and told Barsad to instruct the lorry not to administer any restorative Darney.

He was a selfless friend and had helped Stryver in his profession, helped Darney to get his beloved, and also kept up his promise to Lucie and restored Darney to her. He not only renounced Lucie’s love but also tried to make her happy in life.

A Tale of two Cities

For the sake of her happiness, he embraced the gallows and got her husband back from the cell of death. He was gallant and Chivalrous. At the time of the trial of Charles Darney, he saw Lucie fainted, he cried out to the officers to help her.

He had high ideals about lovers. He loved Lucie in a pure and platonic manner. He honored his friendship and love by laying down his life for her. His sacrifice and noble deed were of par excellence. The novelist Charles Dickens has delineated character in a vivid, explicit, exalted, and consummate manner.


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