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All about dog compose by A. G. Gardiner. He is one writer whose essays make a delightful reading because of a touch of humour, but they also leave a deep impression because they deal with some important problem.

In the present essay, he explains how rules and laws should be observed with human consideration. Gardiner has used a set of common situations and characters to highlight. this point.

All about dog Story

It is generally found that bus conductors are very strict in the observance of rules, it leads to frequent quarrels between them and passengers and sometimes causes the latter a lot of inconveniences.

It all begins on a winter evening when the conductor of a bus notices a Pekinese dog in the lap of a woman. He bluntly tells her that dogs are not allowed on the bus, and she could travel with the dog only if she goes to the upper storey.

Partly because she feels humiliated the lady refuses to comply with the conductor’s micturition. Since he knows well that he is really following the rule he stops the bus and is not afraid of getting a complaint written against him.

All about dog summary

The passengers try to persuade him, but he remains adamant. Only a few passengers keep themselves seated inside the bus in the growing darkness and cold Even policemen who come to the bus parked along the road go away saying that the bus conductor has ruled by his side.

At last, the lady went upstairs. Satisfied that he had made the lady obey the rules the conductor signalled to the driver to go ahead. After the bus had gone to a distance it developed some engine trouble. During this interval, the lady again came down with her dog.

When the bus was about to start the conductor again noticed the dog and the altercation between him and the lady resumed once again, After a headstrong ‘no’ to the conductor’s demand the lady eventually went up.

All about dog
All about dog

Essay of All about A DoG

Relaxed over his triumph the conductor sat by the side of the author and tried to justify his unseemly conduct by quoting rules. The author listened to him but politely pointed to him that all rules and laws require to be observed with the use of goodwill and good temper.

Moreover, the author pointed out that in this case the rule was merely guidance and the conductor should have cased for the comfort of the passengers.

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