Summary of the Packing

Summary of the Packing is an amusing story written by Jerme K. Jerome. It is an extract from Jerom’s story “Three Men in a Boat”, preparing for a trip. Three friends decide to go on a holiday. They enjoy Packing for their holiday.

This story starts with three friends. George Harris and the narrator himself. They fell into the suggestion with a readiness. It was uncanny. George put on a pipe and spread himself over the easy chair and Harris cocked his legs on the table and Lit a Cigar.

The Packing story

George and Harris did according to the narrator’s suggestion. The narrator was their boss. But they irritated him. They treated the narrator as a mad man but the narrator thought that life for him was not an idle dream but a noble task, full of duty and clean work.

He never wondered at the work of anybody. He did not like to see the staring of another man. He wanted every man to work in his life. By his energetic nature, he wanted to help everybody so during his traveling trip, he started packing and got the bag finished at last.

When the narrator forgets to pack his boot, Harris, and George began to irritate him and called him senseless, chuckle-led, cracked-jawed, and wild.

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Short story of The Packing

When he packed the boot and toothbrush and rushed upstairs, he turned every moral thing out and rummaged the things up into much the same state. The narrator found George and Harris eight-time over their teasing Nature.

Even if he finished has packed, he realized that he did not pack the soap. So he repacked it George and Harris who was suggested by the narrator how the narrator was trapped in their advice. The piles of plates, cups, cattle, bottles, jars and pies and stoves cakes and tomatoes were also packed.

Harris also packed the strawberry jam. He squashed the jam with a teaspoon. Harris and George period on the butter and smashed the pies. They upset salt over everything. The narrator presented them here as an idle heroes of the world.

The packing summary

They reached out their hand for everything. They got into the hamper and killed three rats. Packing was in this way done at 12.50 and Harris sat on the big hamper, George realized it to be broken.

Only through it George and Harris felt comfort and slept at night. When they awoke in the morning, they found themselves on the bed. As a whole, this story throws light on the idleness of three men who were going on a boat journey.

Summary of the Packing
Summary of the Packing

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