Essay on unity in diversity in India

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Ans. ‘India’s contribution to world unity is an epitome of lecture, addressed by Arnold Toynbee, a leading writer, thinker, and scholar of English Language and literature. It was presented by Toynbee in the series of Azad Memorial lectures. In his impressive address, Toynbee has elaborately discussed three main points about the contribution of India to world unity.  Essay on unity in diversity in India

Essay on unity in diversity in India
Essay on unity in diversity in India

Unity in diversity in India pdf 

In his eyes, India has placed a remarkable understanding of the welfare of the whole human race and her approach to the welfare of humanity in common. The writer feels that India has acted as the central link about regional civilization and it has extended Its impression from Japan in the far northeast to Ireland in the far northwest. In true sense, this country has made a balance in the world concerning ideology. The parliamentary form of democracy in India has made political understanding in the whole range of Asia.

Essay on unity in diversity in India

Unity in diversity in India

About religion, India has acted a major role once in the history of the world. This country has also played a vital role in the field of politics. The Maurya and the Gupta empire had maintained the great thoughts of this great nation. This country has also witnessed the reign of the Mughals and the Britishers. This country has always maintained and sustained its originality. India has also confronted the worldwide problem with undaunted courage and it has solved vital problems in its way.

The Indians have handled all common problems of mankind with dauntless courage. The author Toynbee has also discussed the agricultural phase of Indian culture and civilization. The peasants of this nation have carried their old style of agriculture. It is seen that the depressing experience of Indian peasants has injured a passive brought and frustrative approach to some extent. Although they have learned to live on hard lives with daring courage. They have tried the utmost to make their lives better by their farsightedness and activities. Essay on unity in diversity in India

The whole world has kept its fixed eyes on the ways of the people of India. The Indian people did not hesitate in accepting failure or caressing success as a whole. The world community has already accepted its genuinity of Indian culture. The population problem is a major problem in the world and it has also jarked the people of India. The population is increasing at a high rate whereas the death rate of the world in proportion is reducing.

The popular government of India is also trying its best to check up this hazardous problem. The Problems related to caste has also proved embarrassing. This problem cannot be solved wholly by the government of this nation. This huge task may be reduced by way of education the linguistics problem is also a major problem before the world and India is also facing it. There lies no single dialect which may be used as a solitary way of conversation. Essay on unity in diversity in India

The author also places the Indian attitude towards life and approach to the handling of human affairs. He appreciates the service of Gandhi towards the betterment of India. He praises the struggle of Gandhi based on a spiritual basis. The nonviolent movement may be called Indian accomplishment. India has made a better contribution to the welfare of the world.

This lecture form presentation is full of higher thoughts and ideas. Arnold Toynbee has placed his remarkable thought and ünderstanding in a vivid, explicit, exalted and consummate manner. Essay on unity in diversity in India.


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