Graphics Program in Java Through Applet

My Dear student, we’ll learn how to make an Applet Program in Java, with code. I hope you will learn here something new in a different way. let start:- “Graphics Program in Java Through Applet”.

Write this Applet code in Notepad or Text Editor & Save Name with ““.

Applet programming in java

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class Arcdraw extends Applet

  Font f1= new Font("courier New", Font.BOLD, 50);      //("Font_Name",Font.Style, Size)
  Font f2= new Font("Bell MT", Font.BOLD, 28);

public void paint(Graphics g)

  setBackground (Color. blue);

        g.setFont(f1);                                  //Font Name or Variable
        g.drawString("This is an Emoji.",40,350);       //Text and Place 

//g.drawArc(init, init, Width, Height, Start Angel, Stop Angel)

        g.drawArc(95,25,270,270,30,360);                 //CIRCLE 
        g.drawArc(160,80,50,50,30,360);                  //LEYE
        g.drawArc(250,80,50,50,30,360);                  //REYE
        g.fillArc(215,155,30,30,30,360);                 //NOSE
        g.fillArc(195,210,70,60,00,180);                 //LIPS
        g.fillArc(170,95,30,35,30,360);                  //LPUPIL
        g.fillArc(259,95,30,35,30,360);                  //RPUPIL
        g.fillArc(175,104,20,20,25,360);                 //LCORNIA
        g.fillArc(264,104,20,20,25,360);                 //RCORNIA


Again Open Notepad and write this HTML code and Save with the same name Arcdraw with extension .html like “Arcdraw.html”:-

HTML code
<Applet code="Arcdraw.class" width=500 height=100>
(In this code Width and Height doesn't affect in Output)
Graphics Program in Java Through Applet
Graphics Program in Java Through Applet

Read This for your Basic Knowledge about Applet or Graphics Program in JAVA.


What is Applet ?

:- An Applet is a special type of program that is embedded in the web page to Generate Dynamic content. It runs inside a browser and works at the client site, and Runs using the Applet Viewer. It can perform Arithmetic operations, Display Graphics, Play Sounds, Accept User Input, Create Animation and Play Interactive Games. Graphics program in java.

Advantages of Applet:- It is secure. It works at the client site so less response time. It can be executed by browser’s and Running under many Platforms.

Life Cycle of Applet:- Java Applet inherits a set of default behaviors from the Applet class. New Born ‘or’ Running Idle Dead / Destroy

Initialization State:- (Applet enters the initialization state when it loaded first) This is achieved by calling the init() method of the Applet class. The Applet is born, at this stage, we may do the following things. ‘If required’.

Create Object needed by the Applet Set up initial values Load image or fonts Set up colors This initialization occurs only once in the Applet’s life cycle. To provide any of the behaviors mentioned above, we must override the init() method. The Applet class is contained in the Java.applet package. It provides life and behavior to the applet through its methods such as init(), start(), and point(). This required that the applet code imports the java.awt package that contains the Graphics class. In this, all output operations of an applet are performed using the method defined in the Graphics class.

clearRect()   Erases a rectangular area of the canvas.

copyArea ()    Copies a rectangular area of the canvas to another area.

drawArc ()     Draws a hollow arc.

drawLine()     Draws a straight line.

drawOval()     Draws a hollow oval.

drawPolygon()  Draws a hollow polygon.

drawRect()     Draws a hollow rectangle.

drawRoundRect() Draws a hollow rectangle with rounded corners.

drawString()   Displays a text string.

fillArc()      Draws a filled arc.

fillOval()     Draws a filled oval.

fillPolygon()  Draws a filled polygon.

fillRect()     Draws a filled rectangle.

fillRoundRect() Draws a filled rectangle with rounded corners.

getColor()     Retrieves the current drawing color.

getFont()      Retrieves the currently used font.

getFontMetrics() Retrieves information about the current font.

setColor()     Sets the drawing color.

setsFont()     Sets the font.

Dear student, I hope you learn here “Applet Programming java” for more deeply knowledge of java click here

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Note:- These days Java is the Second Popular Language and Python is the Number one in the whole world. So I suggest to you if you want to become a good programmer in life. Then you need to Learn it. And update yourself time-to-time.

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