Ideas contained in On Being a Bore

Ideas contained in On Being a Bore, Robert Lynd has expressed many ideas in his essay, “On-Being a Bore” He says that there is a variety of bores. There are bomb-bore, train-bore, golf-bore, and motoring bores. They are illustrative of the typical bores that we come across in our day-to-day life.

The writer makes a self-revelation to discuss them. This is because he has also, as a boy, bored many people in his lifetime. Lynd holds that people today are interested in their bombs, but they are bored by others.

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Being a Bore contained Ideas

They seem to find comfort in spreading gruesome stories of destruction though most of them have no legs to stand upon. In this context, the essayist concludes that it is not the bomb that is boring bat the person who spreads the canard about it.

The bore of time and the bote of the time are similar. Only their stories differ from each other but, not they. In peacetime, there is no bombardment So being a home bore is out of the question while the bore bores us even when there is no bomb explosion.

The train-bore is a bore that bores his fellow passengers on a train by asking him about the time by his watch over and over again. However, the writer opines incidentally that one can enjoy such a bore any bore to a certain point.

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Many bores are so obviously happy that it is a pleasure to watch them, For example, on seeing the motoring bores, we might imagine that they were heroes out of Homer narrating immortal heroic deeds.

In their case, it may be said, the greater the bore, the greater the attitude. However, the worst among a lot of the bores are those who love telling people about the various routes. Their talk of such a fake boring guide is really a long rigmarole.

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Another boring form of conversation is that of the man who, when talking politics, marshals forth all the old threadbare arguments with the air of a person using them for the first time.

Ideas contained in On Being a Bore
Ideas contained in On Being a Bore

However when one realizes this one is being bored one is to become a priced balloon, but when we and our bores meet on the common ground, there is no excuse for being bored and suffering the flagging spirit. Robert Lynd

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