Our home in space summary

Ans. ‘Our home in Space’ is an article, written by Sir James Jeans, a great scientific writer in the English Language. In this article, the writer has placed many great scientific thoughts. The writer himself was an eminent Astrophysicist and a versatile genius. our home in space summary

our home in space summary
our home in space summary

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Our home in space by sir James jeans

In it, the writer has dealt with the formation of stars and planets. He has also placed many scientific theories behind the creation of heavenly bodies. In ancient times the people used to believe that the earth was a vast immovable mass. It had formed the center place of the universe. The people had held different opinions with great Greek philosophers and mathematicians named Pythagoras who had felt the earth as globular shape or like a floating ball in space. our home in space summary

Aristarchus the great Greek of 3rd century BC had held his opinion that the earth is like a ball moving through space or revolving around the sun. The people of that period could not digest the idea of Aristarchus. In the age of Copernicus, a polish astronomer had realized that the earth and other planes! moved around the Sun and the Earth was not at all not the céntre of the universe.

The great Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo had invented the first telescope and he had vehemently supported the theory of Copernicus. Many scientific theories About suns and stars had been formulated and the milky way contained 1,00,000 million stars. It was also formulated that there are clusters of stars in space about the Suns, the stars and the planets the science had made reliable discoveries and our earth is a unit of the vast universe. our home in space summary

Our home in space essay

About the shape and size of the mountains and its surface, the scientist has made unique discoveries. The formation of the earth may be guessed as a sort of condensation of a splashed heavenly body. The solar system has also placed remarkable information. The earth and innumerable other planets are units of this vast universe. It is said that the ball of gas might have been cooled and thus forming the heavenly bodies like the earth.

It was the great effect of natural phenomena that these giant planets have been formed in the space. About the formation of rocks, oceans, an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen and the temperature might have emerged and the shape and size of planets like the earth and other heavenly bodies have come in existence. our home in space summary


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