Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Ans:- We are first introduced to Lady Catherine by the foolish Mr. Collins. He is all praises for her generosity and kindness. When we first meet her, during Elizabeth’s visit to Hunsford, we find that she is arrogant proud impudent, and bad-mannered. Lady Catherine de Bourgh

At the time, she is a tall and rather large lady who must have been good-looking in her youth. Her wealth rank and position and the flattery of people like Nir. Collins, with whom she is surrounded, has made her vain and conceited.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Catherine de Bourgh in pride and prejudice

Read more from English 2nd Year (click) She takes pleasure in displaying her wealth and the luxury of her establishment. When she invites people to dinner, it is not out of kindness or generosity but because it allows her to display.

In this way, she can impress them and get their admiration as well as their thanks. She is impudent and arrogant and has no regard for the feelings of others.

Thus she constantly wounds Elizabeth’s felling during the visits of the latter to her residence. Intoxicated with wealth, she invites her to come daily to her place to practice on the piano in the room of the governess.

Who is Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Lady Catherine de Bourgh

When Elizabeth is about to leave Hunsford. She is presumptive enough to advise her on how to pack her boxes for the Journey. Later in the novel, she tries to wring from her the promise that she will never marry Darcy who belongs to a much higher rank and status.

We can not help laughing at the discomfiture of this conceited lady at the hands of Elizabeth. It is an irony of fate that she becomes the indirect means of bringing Darcy to Elizabeth.

Character Analysis of Catherine de Bourgh


Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Lady Catherine de Bourgh

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Catherine de Bourgh

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