Neutral Tones poem summary

Neutral Tones “Neutral Tones” has been taken from Hardy’s collection of Wessex poems’. This has been written in a reminiscent mood. The poet recalls the days of his past when he had fallen in love but his love was not requited with warmth and

She Walks In Beauty critical appreciation

She Walks in Beauty ANS. She Walks In Beauty, Lord Byron is one of the foremost Romantic poets. He was born in 1788; about 18 years younger than Wordsworth, and a close contemporary of Shelley and Keats. Although Byron upheld the same romantic ideals

London William Blake Summary and Analysis

London William Blake London William Blake, London is a typical poem of William Blake. This poem has been taken from Blakes’s collection of Songs of Experience”. Blake paints the social and political picture of then London. The poet becomes assertive and aggressive when he

Futility of war Poem Essay

Futility Futility Wilfred Owen is a famous war poet of the present century. ‘Futility’ is one of his most popular poems. ‘Futility’ is a remarkable rendering of the grim realities of war. The pity of war is the subject matter of many of Owen’s

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