Sailing to Byzantium Critical Appreciation

Sailing to Byzantium Critical Appreciation Sailing to Byzantium is a deeply symbolic poem by W. B. Yeats, one of the greatest poets of the Present Century. It is the first poem in the volume called the Tower. The poem deals with war, old age,

Ode to the West Wind Critical Appreciation

Ode to the West Wind Ode to the West Wind is a romantic poem that is composed by P.B. Shelley and is distinguished among the Romantic poets of the early 19th century by his revolutionary idealism. In both Prometheus Unbound and “Ode to the

The Sunne Rising Critical Appreciation

The Sunne Rising The poem The Sunne Rising’ is a typical metaphysical poem by John Donne, a poet whose instinct compelled him to bring the whole of experience into his verse. His genius, temperament, and learning gave to his love poems certain qualities which

The invocation Critical Appreciation

The Invocation In The Invocation’ which constitutes the opening of Paradise Lost, Milton introduces the central purpose of the epic man’s first disobedience in eating the forbidden fruit and the resultant loss of Eden and the creation of pain and death. Paradise Lost, Milton’s

Sketch the character of Candida by G.B. Shaw Summary

Character of Candida Sketch the character of Candida, Candida is a leading female character in the play. “Candida”. Sketched by George Bernard Shaw the leading playwright during the Modern age in English language and literature. She is an impressive character, compacted with a sense

Discuss Candida as a serious comedy problem play

Candida as a serious comedy Ans. Candida as a serious comedy ‘Candida’ is a leading play by George Bernard Shaw. It is compacted with artistic brilliance. The playwright Shaw has exhibited his great ability in giving concrete forms of individuals and successfully revived the

Critical appreciation of Byzantium Summary and Theme

Critical appreciation of Byzantium Ans. Critical appreciation of Byzantium Byzantium is a poem composed by William Butler Yeats, a leading Irish poet in English language and literature. In this poem, The poet has used great symbolical meaning and colorful thoughts in his imagination. The

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