Ans:- The plots of Austen’s novels especially that of ‘ Pride and Prejudice are well-knit, organic plots. There is very little in them that may be called superfluous. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

In Pride and Prejudice, with the possible exception of Kitty and Mary, there is no character and no event, which may be called superfluous or which does not contribute to the development of the story.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Read more from 2nd Year (click) Even the comic Proposal to Elizabeth or Mr. Collin’s has its place and significance. It serves to highlight the character of the heroine and shows her in a favorable light as compared with her friend Charlotte Lucas. The events follow each other logically and inevitably.

The story opens at Longfourn. The arrival of Mr. Bingley at Netherfield Park is an important event because of the matrimonial intention of the Bennet family, and also because it is with him that the hero Darcy makes his appearance.

Quite naturally, there is a ball at Netherfield Park which makes the stage in the development of the plot, The plot develops through the conflict between Darcy and Elizabeth, the pride of one, and the prejudice of the other.

Jane Austen shows great skill in the handling of events that now follow in quick succession, resulting in the dependence of Elizabeth’s prejudice and the awakening of Darcy’s love for her.

The conflict between pride and prejudice weakens as Darcy makes his proposal to Elizabeth at Hunsford. However, as this proposal is made in an insulting tone, it is once rejected. From this time onward up to the end, Jane Austen is at her best and Justifies the praise of WL. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen summary

Cross that no novelist since Fielding ” has been master of structure ” and the structure of pride and prejudice is dramatic, almost Shakespearean, Thus the structure of pride and prejudice is dramatic so that Baker divides the novel into five Acts.

In the manner of much Ado the attitudes of the hero and heroine gradually but inevitably, undergo a complete reversal and marriage is the only natural solution. The beginning of story begins together with the hero and heroine.

The story develops through conflict between their respective pride and prejudice and ends with the reversal of their attitudes. In the manner of a drama, ” the action is carried forward through short scenes in dialogue ” ( Watter Scott ) Character also is developed through dialogue instead of description or analysis.

Comedy deals with the conflict between illusion and reality and these are also the themes of Jane Austen’s novels. Jane Austen’s novels are dramatic novels of conversation rather than action.

In these novels nothing very dramatic happens; everything is simple, straightforward, and controlled. But the dialogues are quite brilliant. The floats of Jane Austen’s novels are compound and not simple.

In each of them are several pairs of lovers. Her novel consists of a number of subs. Plots, digressions, and episodes.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen novel

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Thus in pride and prejudice, we have at least:-

( a ) The main plot consists of the love story of Decay and Elizabeth,

( b ) Jane – Bingley subplot.

( c ) Lydia – Wickham episode, and

( d ) Collins – Charlotte episode.

The novelist has woven together all these threads with great skill. The subplots besides providing a touch of tragedy to the story also serve as a foil to the main plot. Jane and Bingley are more passive lovers as contrasted with the active nature of Elizabeth and Darcy.

Write an essay on Jane Austen’s skill in the plot – construction

Bingley’s sudden departure for London from Netherfield serves to heighten Elizabeth’s prejudice towards Darcy, for she regards him as being responsible for the misery of her sister. At the beginning of the subplot holds the front of the state, but gradually it is pushed into the background and the main story is seen in its proper perspective.

Lydia – Wickham’s episode also adds the element of melodrama and sensation. It also highlights the essential nobility of Darcy and thus serves to dispel prejudice against Elizabeth. It serves to increase the suspense of the story.

The comic proposal of Collins imparts dramatic relief and variety to the story ” and brings out the prudent and noble nature of Elizabeth by contrast with the materialistic nature of her friend.

” This marriage with charlotte results in Elizabeth’s visit to Hunsford where she comes to know more about Darcy and consequently there is a weakening of her prejudice towards him.

Plot Structure of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

Thus there are no loose ends, all the parts have been well fused into a single compact whole. Jane Austen’s novels contain very little action and every action there is trivial and commonplace.

It consists merely of little visits shopping expeditions, wedding dinners and tea – parties, dances card playing, etc. Such trivial and insignificant actions go to make up the plot of her novels. But such is her exquisite touch.

That the commonplace and the insignificant are transformed into the uncommon and the significant is transformed into the uncommon and the significant as if by the touch of a magic word / ” Every morning call forwards the action.

Plot-Construction of Pride and Prejudice Summary Example

An important piece of information is conveyed in the dialogue or a new character is introduced. ” Her novels are novels of common and not of action. They are the apotheosis of the commonplace.

The plots of Jane Austen may not be highly original or ingenious, but they are highly artistic. No other writer of function has ever achieved such great results by such insignificant means, none other has, upon material so severely limited, expended such beauty ingenuity, and precision of workmanship.

Her manuscripts which are profusely connected show that she worked on her novels very slowly and with inexhaustible patience.

Cross has rightly observed that no novelist since fielding has been a master of the structure as Jane Austen was.

The Plot of Pride & Prejudice.


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


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