Samuel Johnson biography

Ans. Samuel Johnson (1709-84) was the prominent literary stalwart of the age of transition. It was he who kept alike the classical tradition. He composed poems in which there is a satirical and didactic tone in exuberance. These poems are also couched in the theories couplet. Samuel Johnson biography

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Samuel Johnson biography
Samuel Johnson biography

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In the field of English language and literature, he earned a reputation as a literacy dictator. He created literary creation with superb commanding authority.

Dr. Johnson’s first poem was London” (1738) and it was composed in Heroic couplet. It presents the style of Juvenal. The poet has delineated the vanities and the sins of city life.

It also depicts the depressing stand-point of embittered and penurious outlook, His second poetic composition is compacted with satirical tone and in the style of Juvenal.

Samuel Johnson London summary

“The Vanity of Human Wishes (1749). This poem is in imitation of Juvenal satire Johnson put the sense of pessimism in this poem, as in ‘London’. Samuel Johnson biography

This poem is the explicit expression of Dr. Johnson’s vigorous personality. The taste for moral dissertation is freely exhibited. There are maxims that are enlivened by the note of individual philosophy.

He was aptly and suitably recalled as the literary dictator of his age. All his literary creations are the living examples of his literary commanding authority.

Samuel Johnson biography
Samuel Johnson biography

There exists rhythm, balance, lucidity, and explicitly. In his immortal literary creation, The Lives of the Poets’, he presented his sense of dignity. It was he who exposed his thoughts in an easy and direct presentation.

There are ceremonial stateliness, compacted phrases, playful humor, and stinging sarcasm. The Dictionary’ was the ambitious creation of Johnson.

Samuel Johnson

The poems of Johnson are the subtle vehicles of superb thoughts and find understanding His only story, ‘Prince of Abyssinia’, is full of his outlook on social philosophical, ethical and religious ideologies.

His essay, The Pernicious effects of Recovery’ is compacted with a unique way of exhibition. As a matter of act, Samuel Johnson was like a cynosure of literary welkin of his age.

His contributions to English literature are par-excellence.


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Samuel Johnson biography
Samuel Johnson biography

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