Summary A Tale of Two Cities

Ans. ‘Summary A Tale of Two Cities ‘ is a sensitive novel, written by Charles Dickens, the great novelist, essayist, thinker, and seer of the victorian period in English language and literature.

It deals with the incidents that occurred in two countries, England and France. Dr. Manette, Charles Darney Sydney Carton Lucie, Monsieur Defarge Madame Defarge, Miss Pross, and Jarvis – Lorry is the leading characters and these characters have left a great impact on the situations and incidents of the novel. Summary A Tale of Two Cities

Dr. Manette was a french man who had married an English lady hehe was a doctor of considerable repute and had flourishing practice He was a devoted husband and affectionate father. He had suffered at the hands of the family of Charles Darney, the lover of his daughter, Lucie.

A Tale of Two Cities as a historical novel

Despite the bitter fact, he overcame his bitterness and allowed Lucie to be married to Charles Darney. He was a dutiful and conscientious person. He was considerate to his patients and so dutiful to his profession. Marquis of Evermonade succeeded in getting him kidnapped and imprisoned him for eighteen years.

He was extremely conscientious and could not bear the scene of the death of the peasant girl who had been raped and wounded. He was an extremely sympathetic and human being like a dutiful father who had accompanied Lucies to Paris.

Summary A Tale of Two Cities

Summary A Tale of Two Cities
Summary A Tale of Two Cities

Theme of the novel A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Darnay was the leading character. He was handsome and good looking and he endeared himself to his friends and Lucie fell in love with him at the very sight. He represented the aristocracy and was the nephew of Marquis of Everyone who was chiefly responsible for all the miseries.

Although he was a representative of the aristocracy, he possessed the qualities of extreme sincerity. He loved Lucie because of her sweet temperament and good character. He instructed his agent to administer his property in the interest of the poor. Even in the prison, he behaved like a respected person.

A Tale of Two Cities Analysis

Sydney Carton represented the pessimism of the novelist Charles Dickens. In his character, there were many qualities such as pathos, and sentimentalism. and others. Summary A Tale of Two Cities

He played the second fiddle to his friend Stryver, the defense lawyer of his friend Darney. He was in the true sense, a spoilt genius. He lost everything for the sake of his love for Lucie. He was a selfless friend, self-sacrificing, platonic lover, gallant and chivalrous even though he died for Lucie.

Lucie is the leading female character. She was married to Charles Darney who belonged to the family that was responsible for the miseries and the distress of Dr. Manette.

She represented the fusion of the culture of the two countries, England and France, and the two classes, the aristocracy and middle class of the operation in and the oppressed. She was a charming, affectionate, emotional, and faithful lady. She was an apostle of qualities.

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Monsieur Defarge, Miss Pross, Jarvis Lorry, and others are minor characters who are responsible for the incidents and situations in the novel. Its title, “A Tale of Two Cities, is quite apt because it delineates the character and situation of two cities, London and Paris in an exalted manner.

There exist chosen instances and events in two cities. Charles Dickens was a great master at delineating the characters and situations. He had depicted the incidents in a Vivid, explicit, and consummate manner.

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