The Life of a soldier

The Life of a soldier is a Poem Composed by Rupert Brooke, the life of a soldier is balanced and deepened. There are so many manners in his life. He follows a gold routine. His life is full of bravery and Challenges.

He has to spend most of his time out of his family. Sometimes, he has to spend many days on the hill in the water, in the forest. On the snow, on the sand. Sometimes he faces danger and death but he does not fear them. He sacrifices his whole life for the country. He dies for the country happily. He is the true patriot. We salute him. We are proud of them.

The soldier poem summary

The contribution of the army can never be forgotten, you will be surprised to know that, the brave armies of our country, not only are ready to protect the country, but they do every work, which is the beauty of their motherland and the citizens of the country. can get relief.

Life of a soldier

Saurabh Nissa

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