Discuss Hardy method in the novels

Ans:- Had hardy been a pure artist- writing from the soul impulse to express beauty and joy that results in therefor-it would have been easier to form an estimate of him. Discuss Hardy’s method in the novels

But Hardy is not a pure artist. It is hardly possible that he should be writing when he did.

Read more from English 2nd Year (click) Matthew Arnold said he did not think any poet his day could make much of his business unless he was intellectual. And some other critic has said it is impossible for any modern writer to be without a message, a philosophy.

Discuss Hardy method in the novels
Discuss Hardy method in the novels

Perhaps the facts are so because there is so much that is ugly in the modern world that the majority of artists are drawn from their art and are driven to endeavor to compare the ugliest to the beautiful art form and shall furnish material for genuine art in future generations.

The Novels of Thomas Hardy An Introduction In the mayor of Casterbridge

Whether they are more likely to achieve their end by deserting art than by remaining faithful to it, under whether difficulties- whether philosophy is greater power for beautification than art, is a question that may well be left open.

But that is it may, the two dicta last quoted with their implied distinction between the early and modern writers are undoubtedly true to a considerable extent.

If we compare the ideals of the king with the Morte of Malory or contrast the purpose of the Prelude’ or the Ring and the Book with that of Beowulf or the dresser, or place the drama of Ibsen and show besides that of Sophocles or Shakespeare, the difference and its kind are at once apparent.

The divine day, when Beauty alone was Truth, died in England with Coleridge Shelley and Keats though its ghost still wakes on occasion – making possible for instance, “the Earthly Paradise.” The prevailing modern atmosphere is one of thought, not joy and love and it influences most writers for good or evil. Discuss Hardy’s method in the novels

Character and Environment in Thomas Hardy’s Fiction

It has influenced Hardy along with the rest. This does not mean that Hardy is a novelist with a purpose. It is merely that he is to be classed rather with Swift than with Defore, rather with fielding that with Sterne, rather with Thackeray than with Scott, rather with George Eliot than with Jane Austen.

Whatever may be the substance of the artist’s work whether it be feeling or whether it be thought. there will remain to be considered after one has discussed this substance his gift, bearing a less direct relation to his substance but seldom identical with it; that which one derives from the study of him whether he wills it or not, just as one derives nourishment of different kinds from the food one eats.

Discuss Hardy method in the novels
Discuss Hardy method in the novels

To what extent is one better equipped for life for having read the Wessex novel?

It is a question that may be legitimately asked concerning any work of art, pure or adulterated. One is equipped for life by reading the most careless lyric of Sir John Suckling as certainly, as by reading the Religio media or for Resartus.

Hardy can be classed with the great majority of writers of genius in that his essential morality is sound and healthy. He presents a state of society in which virtue – not vice as in the Restoration Drama – is the natural order of things; it cannot be said of him, as is sometimes said of Thackeray, that his honest folks are foolish and his clever people are rogues; he excites sympathy with good and hatred of evil.

The Novels of Thomas Hardy method

Excepting The Hand of Bthelberta; in every other novel, we are plainly compelled to take our stand beside the right for its own sake not of course for the sake of any material benefit that is likely to accrue thereby. Discuss Hardy’s method in the novels

Hardy holds out false bait of happiness to ensure the following of right- tenuousness. But I believe that my contention as to the direction in which our sympathies are constantly moved by the affairs of his novel will be disproval with difficulty.

Life can have no disappointments which the students of Herdy have not anticipated. Such a one builds no scheme or hope without infinite caution and skepticism.

He is a master, not a slave, of fate because he never plays into her hands with expectations. He has learned merely to wait to say nothing, excepting nothing, hardly desiring anything too vehemently, last he gives her opportunity.

She is at times eager to take. You shall find as any intense desires frustrated as full-filled and as many great issues brought about by casual presence on the spot, as it were, as by passionate endeavors moreover, the follower of Hardy does not prohibit from persistent striving; he is merely prepared to see his labor brought to naught and its result flung on the scrap heap at any moment or at the last moment of all.

Hardy In the mayor of Casterbridge

He can laugh at the cruelties of life bitterly perhaps. but he sheds no tears or tears, they are those of pain never those of disappointment. Pain may sweeten the soul disappointment sours it.

Hardy’s message is pure prose. It is an understanding of life that he helps us to, not a Joy in life, such as we get, among other things, from Meredith, Carlyle, and Scott.

If anything he decreases the joy of life, reducing it to that only which is legitimate and illusory. This is probably to be deplored in as much as pleasure is perhaps the end of life.

He offers a distinct compensation, substituting intellectual pleasure for an aesthetic one. But aesthetic pleasure we are perhaps hoser by Thoms Hardy. Discuss Hardy’s method in the novels



Discuss Hardy method in the novels
Discuss Hardy method in the novels


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