What I believe by E M Forster

Ans. What I believe by E M Forster here ‘What I believe’ is an article written by E. M. Forster, a leading essayist, thinker, and scholar during the Modern age in English language and literature.

It Is an article that may be called a testament to his faith. It is a summing up of all that the writer had held dear in life. He had felt that the life in Modern world was oppressed by war and the constant threat of impending war.

He had understood individual creed which was based upon faith in fundamental human values. His view of life was by no means complete.

On the other hand, he had put forward his thought which was related to and based on certain deliberate realized ideas. In a true sense, Forster had his likes and dislikes, passions, and prejudices.

What I believe by E M Forster
What I believe by E M Forster

He had rejoiced in the discomfiture of his execrable thought and the triumph of personal understanding. He had attached deep values to honesty, friendliness, and good life.

Analysis of What I believe

He was ideal in his statement of circumstances which had indirectly helped in the formalities of his faith. It was Forster who had found himself in a world with a multiplicity of creeds battling with one another.

It is torn asunder by religious and racial persecution and oppressed by danger, resulting from the nuisance of science. Tolerance, Good temper, and sympathy were strangely absent in the relationship between man and man, nation and nation.

Forester was not a blind believer in religion. In his view, the codes and regulations sound in religious texts might be valuable but not everything.

Forester was not prepared to put belief the doctrines of St. Paul or the codes of Moses. His idea of heaven was that it is such a place where even the immoral are admitted.

He had no belief in the efficacy of Christianity. Forester had little faith in conventional religion but he had great faith in Democracy.

What I believe by E M Forster
What I believe by E M Forster

What I believe summary

He realized that in democracy men of genius get a better chance. Forster concedes that force plays a dominant part in this world. He calls civilization as justification for the continuance of human life.

Hero worship acts as a refuge in the views of Forster, the brave deserve the fair.

He believed that the salvation of humanity rests on human understanding. This article is a mirror of tenets of beliefs.

It is compacted with immense thoughts of Forster with resurgent optimism.

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