Animal Farm as a fable

Animal Farm as a fable is George Orwell’s Portrayal of the beasts in Animal Farm is based on his personal experience as a farmer in Wellington where he lived from 1936 to 1940. He kept a goat called, Marcel.

In the fourth volume of his work, “The collected Essays and Letters” Orwell wrote. Most of the good memories of childhood are in some way connected with animals.

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Fable is defined as a narrative in which things irrational, and sometimes inanimate are, for moral instruction feigned to act and speak with human interests and passions: any tale literary form, not necessarily probable in its incidents, intended to instruct or amuse.

If we examine in the light of this perfect definition of the fable we find that this novel is a fable. The various episodes in the fiction in question are taken from the actual history of the Russian Revolution.

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Only their chronological order is changed and they are dealt with schematically. Human beings in the fable are capitalists, animals are communists and the domestic creatures are the muzhiks or peasants and the pigs are Bolsheviks. The hoof and the home are the hammers and the sickel.

Animal Farm as a fable essay

The wisely selected names of the animals are realistic and highly suggestive of their personalities and roles in the fable. The most reputed animals are Napolean and Snowball who stand for Stalin and Trotsky respectively in the fable and are never in agreement.

They are true to their historical names. Both of them turned revolution into dictatorship. Napolean is not a brilliant talker but he is adept in canvassing. people for himself. It would not be wrong if we call him a cheat.

On the other hand, Snowball is more inventive and he is seen always up and doing in his business for the welfare of the farm. Napolean always blames Snowball for every failure on the fam and takes every credit himself for ‘the success of the functioning of the farm.

At the beginning of the novel when Major makes a long speech, we are bound to enter a fairyland in which the animals are expected to behave like human agents as it happens in a fable. In the wake of the revolution at Manor farm against Mr. Jones animals become masters themselves.

“They are not required to obey master Jones. Readers enjoy the scene.” Among the animals, pigs are treated as cunning intellectuals. That is why they are asked to supervise the work of other animals.

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Later, we observe the “Battle of Cowshed” in which animals attack Jone’s men. The novelist presents this incident vividly and tells us how a boy was attacked by Boxer.

Animal Farm as a fable
Animal Farm as a fable

We also find that the animals do not attack with conventional weapons but with hoofs and horns: It has been confirmed hence that the animal fable is the best form of political satire in which the “animal called men” create a special brand of humor which is a different form, the humor of both Chaucer and Dickens

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