The rebellion of the Manor Farm defeated

The rebellion of the Manor Farm defeated representing and symbolizing Soviet Russia faces the rebellion by certain rebels. But only the rebellion having the mass base bears any fruit. That which has no moral moorings has no legs to stand upon and in that case, the low purpose of the rebellion is bound to be defeated.

Fascination is at the heart of the main internal struggle on the Manor farm that is the Animal farm symbolically and the way the fact is distorted and misrepresented is graphically pictured in the rivalry between Snowball and Nepolean over the construction of the windmill.

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The purpose of the rebellion

Snowball who is a brilliant talker compared to Napoleon, was not at home in canvassing support for himself what Napolean did more successfully. Snowball conceived of a plan for a windmill which Napolean disdained.

At the meeting the final vote of approval is to be taken, nice big dogs as ferocious as wolves, suddenly appear and chase Snowball on the term, The dogs return and sit by Napolean wagging their tails.

As the other dogs and short time until Squealer appears to announce loudly that Napolean who had advocated it from the beginning himself prof oses the building of the windmill.

More is suggested here than the simple power struggle attendant OR all revolutions, or the more specific overthrew of Tr risky the party theoretician and planner by calculating Stalin. The windmill becomes -how Napolean controls d variations.

Animal Fram the Manor Farm defeated

He uses it to dive his animal’s (people’s) attention away from the swelling shortages and inadequacies on the farm and the animals ignorantly concentrate all their effort on building the windmill, but its symbolic nature suggests an empty concentration, a meaningless unheroic effort, because of the idea.

literally misguided, Clover begins to sing the song, ‘Beasts of England’ mentioned in, the chapter first of the novel, ‘Animal Farm’, and expounded by Major.

How was the purpose of the rebellion

This song epitomizes egalitarian ideals. The animals are singing the song when Squealer appears to announce that by a special decree of Comrade Napoleon, Beasts of England has been abolished. Squealer tells the astonished animals that the reason is that in “Beasts of England” we expressed our longing for a better society in days to come.

the rebellion of the Manor Farm defeated
The rebellion of the Manor Farm defeated

But the society has now been established, so this had no longer any purpose. And thus the purpose of the rebellion was defeated and the rebellion itself proved a terrible failure.

Saurabh Nissa

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