Character Sketch of Boxer

Character Sketch of Boxer, Boxer is a hardworking character, He suffered proletariat in Communist. The fate which he has is the same which millions of working-class people have during the Stalin regime.

Boxer plays a tremendous role in the Battle of Cowshed. His physical strength proves to be of great help to the Animals in the fight against Mr. Jones and his men. Boxer becomes admiration of everybody.

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Sketch the Character of Boxer

For his bravery, Boxer is called ‘Animal Hero’. He now starts working for half an hour. His great strength proves to be a great asset in the building of windmills.

It is his strength that makes it possible to drag stone to the hilltop. Boxer’s physical strength gives him great credit. Boxer feels uneasy when the pigs begin to violate the commandments.

He does not rebel against the leadership of Napoleon. He is essentially a mild-tempered animal. The Windmill has been built. Squealer is against Snowball.

Animal Farm Character

Boxer feels unsays but has to reconcile himself to the position taken by Napolean. Squealer says that Snowball has been in league with Major Boxer can’t believe in it.

He recalls Snowballs fighting bravely at cowshed battle, Snowball is wounded in it. Boxer meets a tragic end. When wind will is rebuilt; Boxer works very hard.

The character of Boxer in Animal Farm

Clover and Benjamin who are his well-wishers, warn him to take care of his health but Boxer pays no attention.

Character Sketch of Boxer
Character Sketch of Boxer

In the evening when Boxer drags a big stone at the site of wind will, he falls and is unable to get up. The lung is – burst and dies. Thus, the character sketch of Boxer is based on the proletariat in Russian Communist.

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