Love for love as a restoration comedy

Ans. ‘Love for Love’, is a comic play, written by William Congreve, the great dramatist, psychologist, thinker, reviewer, seer and scholar during Restoration period in’ English language and literature, It deals with human understanding, situations, tender love, extravagance, human realization frivolous activities, weakness, dejection, and penitence in vivid manner.

Love for Love as a restoration comedy
Love for Love as a restoration comedy

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Sir Sampson Legend, Valentine, Scandal, Ben, Angelica, Tattle, and Foresight is like a constellation of stars whereas Jeremy, Trapiand, Buckram, Snap are asteroids. Angelica, Mrs. Foresight, Mrs. Frail, Miss Prue, Nurse, are female characters and leave an indelible impact on the activities of the play. Valentine and Angelica are two prominent figures and the rest correctors revolve around them. Valentine is a man of tender heart and is extravagant in expenditure.

Love for love summary themes

He always wastes away the wealth of his father, and he is disdained. He is to some extent careless and has love-for books. Jeremy, his steward advises him ‘to change the way of his life which falls flat on him. He is displeased with- his master. Scandal is the close friend of Valentine and he also tries his best to place good advice before him.

Trapland, the scrivener visits Valentine but he is given due regard by valentine and he does not get his lent money due to wretched economic condition of Valentine. Sir Sampson I,s dissatisfied with Valentine and is inclined towards Ben. As a matter of act, he does not keep any love for Miss Prue and is in love with Tattle and she does not show any inclination towards Ben.

Themes of love for love by William Congreve

Miss frail and Mrs. Foresight are important lady characters and both consider their views as superb, Foresight is an illiterate old (fellow who’ is peevish, positive and superstitious and pretends to understand astrology, palmistry, physiognomy, omen, dreams, and other activities. He has no control over the members of his family. Even his wife. niece and others are out of his control and they are at freelancers: They show contemptuous activities on Foresight and they mock at his knowledge.

In true sense, Foresight becomes a subject of ridicule for alL Sir Sampson’s growing moves towards Ben creates jealousy in the heart of Valentine. There arise confusion and frustration among the characters of the play; Miss Prue shows contempt for Ben which startles to all. Prue is inclined to Tattle. Angelica shows her indifferent attitude towards Valentine. The role of Angelica creates unusual chaos in the field of love.

Love for love summary

All the characters are interlinked with situations of the play. The playwright has very categorically delineated the vivid activities of the characters. There exists only hankering for love in and around the incidents. William Congreve is a great master of Arts and he is a keen observer of general human tendency. He has delineated the characters in a vivid, explicit and consummate manner.


Love for Love as a restoration comedy
Love for Love as a restoration comedy
love for love as a restoration comedy
love for love as a restoration comedy

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