Science Friend or Enemy

Science is never a curse, rather it is a good blessing. Some persons call it a curse. I don’t agree with them. It is the people who use it in different ways. Science Friend or Enemy

Their science is not at fault. Bombs, atom bombs, and atomic energies were not invented for wars or the people they bombarded. Planes were not invented to carry the weapons for war.

Paragraph on Science Friend or Enemy

Today is the era of Science. We can’t do without it. Science is our life. In every walk of life, we need science. A peasant has to apply the methods of science for his agricultural purpose. Then he will get a good result. Electricity, railways, cars, and planes are the gifts of science.

Electricity gives us light and water. Both are essential for us. Water is our life. We sit under an electric fan and work smoothly. We travel by trains, cars, and planes and finish our work in no time. The time is past when we covered our journey on foot.

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Essay on Science

A country that is scientifically developed is certainly a developed country. If we lag in science, we must lag in other things also. The blessing of science can’t be enumerated in words.

Now we have reached the Moon and have started thinking of going to the other planets. Science is a wonder. Television, Radios, and Phones are very useful things and they are also the wonders of science. Science has proved a great boon to us.

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