Advantages Of Village Life

Advantages Of Village Life

India is a country of villages where about eighty percent of the people live. There is a great difference between city life and village life. In village life, we have many advantages which are not available in a city. Advantages Of Village Life

The 1st advantage of village life is that there peaceful atmosphere in a village. The din and fistula of a city are not found in a village. The village is entirely free from noise pollution. In a village, we do not have loudspeakers blowing out music day in and day out.

The noise of cars and fuses playing in a city is absent in a village. Here the sunset ends the day and the sun-rise begins the day. At night there is the silence of a churchyard in the village.

Village Lifestyle

The pollution spread by fumes generated by automobiles is not found in a village. The 2nd advantage of village life is that there is social compactness in a village. The social circle is narrow. Therefore, every day is almost known to every day.

In a city, the social life is not compact. We live like strangers in a city, whereas in a village we live like family members. At the time of any emergency, the village people come together to face the situation unitedly.

If any fire breaks out, the village people rush to the place with full devotion. There is personal contact with one another. The 3rd advantage of village life is that the cost of living is not high.

Even a poor man can happily live a minimum of the amenities of city life. From a hygienic point of view, village life is an ideal one. There is little chance of breaking out of an epidemic.

Though there is no municipality or corporation of a city in a village, we do not have stinking garbage-filled up like in a city. At the time of need, people come forward to help one another.

In a village, people live a life of peace and happiness. They have no tension of a city-life. Life of a villager is without any pamp and show.

Advantage Of Living in Village

Here you’ll get fresh Air with Pleasant weather, a palace where you get fresh vegetables and Food too. As a villager I can say, in the village all things are fine. In the case of a facility, it’s a little slower than the town.

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