Essay on Terrorism

Terrorism has become a burning question in the country. Many innocent men, women and children have been mercilessly massacred by the tourists. Essay on Terrorism

A few years back Punjab was much affected by terrorist violence. Some people of ab were demanding the creation of Khalistan on the ground of religion. They wanted to secede from India and have their nation like Pakistan.

The menace of terrorism remained for about ten years in Punjab. But, with the help of the local legal people. The government of the state, as well as the centre, became able to curl this menace and now there is no problem of terrorism there.

Why Terrorism

After the Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir have come under the grip of terrorism during the last ten years or so. Violence in Jammu and Kashmir is much more aggressive than that of Punjab. Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is motivated, guided and financially asserted by Pakistan.

That’s why to curl the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is a hard nut to crack. The whole country has become the target of terrorist violence. In recent times the attack on Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was in October 2001.

The attack on Parliament on 13th December 2001 and the attack on American Centre in Kolkata Jan 2002 are ing examples of the aggressiveness of terrorism in India. Terrorists are cowardly people who shed innocent blood.

Terrorism activity

Their terroristic activities are universally condemned. Due to terrorism in Kashmir, man,y Hindus who are a minority community in Jammu and Kashmir are living in Delhi like refugees From time to time Hindus become victims of terrorist violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorism is not only a national problem but also an international problem. Even the mightiest power of the world. U.S..A. became a victim of a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 11th Sept. 2001.

The American government reacted violently against the attack on their looked Trade Centre and Pentagon and they vowed to uproot terrorism from the world. They attacked the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and forced it to quit.

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