T S Eliot as a modern poet

Ans. T.S. Eliot was the leading poet, critic, playwright, thinker, and scholar during the Modern age in English language and literature. He had influenced modern poetry more than any other poet of the 20th century.

He was quite aware of the present and the baffling problems which face mankind in Modern times. He combined in himself strangely and with opposite characteristics. He was a traditionalist rooted in classicism as well as an innovator of a new style of poetry.

He was a stern realist acutely conscious of modern civilization and its manifold problems as well as a visionary who looked at life beyond the limits of time and space.

“The poem of his early period as “The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, expresses the disillusion, irony, and disgust of the Modern world which is trivial, sordid, and empty.

T S Eliot as a modern poet 
T S Eliot as a modern poet 

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T. S. Eliot as a poet

In his greatest poem, “The Waste Land”, the poet surveys the desolate scene of the world with a searching gaze. Eliot was a man of many-sided personality and was a great social philosopher.

He made the people aware not only of the problems of modern life but also of mankind as a whole. The soul of man finds itself in horror and loneliness in “The Waste Land” Unless it is redeemed by courage and faith.

Eliot had a spiritual approach to life that was dominated by science and materialism. He expressed his ideas and feelings in a language that is devoid of all superfluous ornamentation and is capable of terrifying aspects of Moderns life.

T S Eliot as a modern poet 
T S Eliot as a modern poet 

He did most to make his age conscious of itself and aware of the dangers inherent in modern civilization. Eliot attempted to find a new medium of solution and he also sought to extend the range of poetic language by introducing words used in common speech.

Critically appreciate T. S. Eliot

The later poems of Eliot were compacted with higher feelings and experiences. Among them. “Burnt Norton”, “East Coker”, “The Dry salvages” and “Little Gidding” are of a high order. Eliot devoted his literary talent to poetic drama and literary criticism.

There existed the awareness of religious truth in the creations of Eliot. Like great imagists, he was always concrete and his pictures were mainly based on accurate observation.

Eliot showed a particular fondness for the metaphysical conceit with its blend of emotion and intellect. Eliot also wrote many important plays like, “Cocktail party”. “Confidential Clerk,” “Murder in the cathedral” “Sweeney Agonistics”, “The Rock” And “The Family Reunion”.

T S Eliot as a modern poet 
T S Eliot as a modern poet 

All these plays contain emotional development and interest in religious matters. Eliot was the superb personality of his time and he devoted his talent in dramatic intensity and factual arguments for the rapid progress of literature in conveying the wildering and Modern age.

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