Write a short note on E M Forster

Write a short note on E M Forster

Ans. Edward Morgan Forster (1879-1970) was a prominent essayist, novelist, thinker humanitarian clairvoyant, and scholar during the modern age in English language and literature. Write a short note on E M Forster

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He was born in London of Welsh stock and educated at Tonbridge School and King’s College, Cambridge. He studied classic and history and developed as a humanist. He wrote several short stories during the early span of his literary life.

E. M. Forster

His written short-stories were published in two volumes entitled, “The Celestial Omnibus’ and “The external moment and other stories. The important short stories of Forster are invaluable assets of English literature and are as follows-

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(i) The Story of a Panic

(ii) The other side of the Hedge

(iii) The celestial omnibus

(iv) The curate’s Friend

(v) The road from colonus

(vi) The Machine stops

(vii) The Point of It

(viii) Mrs. Andrews

(ix) Co-ordination

(x) The story of the Siren

(xi) The Eternal moment.

 Write a short note on E M Forster
Write a short note on E M Forster

E M Forster works

All the stories carry higher thoughts and subtle ideas of Forster and are coated with Greek mythology and intense understanding. Forster began his career as a novelist at the early age of twenty-five and he produced his first novel, “Where Angels Fear to Tread’ in 1905.

This novel is satirical in character and he satirizes the conventional morality and snobbery of the upper-middle-class people. The novelist ridicules the insular ideas in a vehement manner. “The Longest Journey’ was published in 1907.

There lies a conflict between convention and nature. This novel carries exclusively English background with personal and autobiographical presentations. A Room with a View’ came out in the year 1908. Write a short note on E M Forster

It has its setting in Italy and is marked with an exhilarating comic tone. The women characters are drawn vividly drawn with intense skill. It carries the greatest artifice and improvisation.

It takes more color from the outdoors and more charm from human absurdity. ‘Howards End’ (1910) presents the conflict between two classes of people, one representing the hard-boiled realists and materialists. It is compacted with thoughts and ideas in exuberance.

Short note on E M Forster

A Passage to India (1924)’ is considered the finest work of Forster. It is unrivaled in English fiction in its presentation of complex problems. It portrays the relations of the British with the Indians. Forster seeks to bring about reconciliation between the East and the West.

This novel is mystical as well as symbolic. It is divided into three parts –
  1.  Mosques 
  2. Caves
  3. Temple.

The characters of this novel present these three symbolic attitudes towards life.

The plots of Forster are intricate and he introduces startling unexpected incidents. The characters sketched are types rather than individuals. They are the embedments of certain values of life. The novelist paints his characters with impartibility.

As a moralist, Forster is opposed to convention, money, worship, hypocrisy, snobbery, and prim affected manners. Forster is a moralist upholding the cause of culture, tolerance, and civilization. His style is an exact mirror of his mind and temperament. Forster delivered a course of lectures known as the Clark lectures All-his. Write a short note on E M Forster Lectures were printed in the shape of one volume, entitled

Write a short note on E M Forster
Write a short note on E M Forster

Aspects of the Novels’. It is divided into nine segments-‘

(a) Introduction

(b) The Story

(c) People

(d) People-continued

(e) The plot

(f) Fantas

(g) Prophecy

(h) Pattern and Rhythm

(i) Conclusion.

Forster wrote three biographies in all-

(i) Life of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson (1934)

(ii) The Hill of Devi (1953)

(iii) Life of Marianne Thomton (1956)

E M Forester short note

As an essayist, the contribution of Forster is of par-excellence. All his essays are published in two volumes known as -Abinger Harvest. It contains eighty articles and is divided into four sections-

(i)A commentary of Passing events

(ii) Literary criticism

(iii) The Post and

(iv) The east

The contributions of Forster to English literature were man fold. He was the dazzling, cynosure in the welkin of English language and literature. Write a short note on E M Forster


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