Street hawkers

Street hawkers Short Essay and Paragraph

Short Paragraph on street hawkers

Street hawkers are those who walk about from street to street to sell their goods. They are not fixed to any place. These are very poor people. They cannot keep a fixed shop.

They are found to move from street to street on account of their poverty. These people are men of physical stamina. Some street hawkers cavity their goods as their backs.

It is very difficult for them to carry a big load on their backs’ They do not get tired of their work. They are instinctive with hope and determination. They go from door to door to sell their goods.

Through this hawking, they get acquired with many people. Since they have no fixed place, they need not spend any money on rent for a ship.

In this way they save money though they do not each much because of a small amount of capital, they can maintain themselves with dignity and self-respect. There are street hawkers of the low-income group of society. They are men of small means.

Essay On Street Howkers

They strike personal friendships with some of the customers because of frequent contact with them. Those have to move on foot because the very nature of such type of work requires no conveyance. In every town or city, their hawkers are found.

They have to give a small amount of money as tax to the local body such as municipality or corporation. Even in villages can find some hawkers, but in the village,e they have nothing to pay like a local tax.

Their goods are also cheaper than those of the ships which are situated at a fixed place. These hawkers attract the attention of the people because their goods are cheaper.

Moreover, they go to the door of the customers themselves. Therefore, it is convenient for the customers also. They need not go to a distant shop in the market. In this way, the streets hawkers save the time of their customers.

Though the hawkers have no variety of goods with them, people like to purchase from the street hawkers because of the cheapness of the goods. This is an advance for the customers as well as the hawkers. They can sell their goods because of the cheapness of the goods.

People have the advantage of getting their goods sold without any hurdle. Therefore on the whole the business of hawking goods from door to door is profitable. With a small amount of money, poor men can maintain themselves without much anxiety.

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