Cultural Activities in India

Cultural Activities in India

India is a vast country. There are people of different religions and castes. The caste system in India is its peculiarity. In no other country of the world is this peculiarity found. Cultural Activities in India

The majority of the people in India are Hindus. The second large population in India into Muslims. Both these communities have been livings in this country for centuries. Besides Muslims, there are Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, Christians and Buddhists in our country.

All these different communities have ent cultural activities. The cultural activities of the Hindus and Mus are entirely different. The Muslims differ from Hindus in many ways.

The food and dress habits of both communities are poles apart. The Hindus are idol worshippers, whereas the Muslims do not believe in idols. On account of this difference in the region, their cultural activities are quite different.

The marriage and death ceremony of both the unities is different from each other. In our country there is democracy. We have a written constitution. The constitution gives equal light to each community.

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Indian Cultural Activities

Each community has a fundamental right to follow and propagate its religion and do cultural activities. Even among Hindus, there is some cultural difference due to the caste system. Those who are scheduled caste have their different cultural activities from those of upper castes.

There is diversity in cultural activities in India. But even, on the whole, India has a homogeneous culture. There is unity in diversity. Sometimes the cultural activities lead to quarrels between two communities, mostly Hindus and Muslims.

Essay on Cultural Activities

It is due to a lack of humanitarian outlook among the people. The cultural activities performed by any community give it inputs to unite together.

They have their s and associations where they meet together and discuss their common problems and find out their solutions.


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