Computers in Everyday Life

Computers in Everyday Life, Modern science has given us many wonderful gifts. These have helped us to advance rapidly on several fronts, These have almost revolutionised human day to day life.

Consequently, life has become more efficient easy, convenient fast and comfortable, The invention of the computer and its further development is one of these most marvellous gifts of modem science.

A computer can be defined as a machine that stores information, data etc. on magnetic tapes, analyses and retrieves the same instant when required. Thus it has helped us in overcoming many difficult problems of multiple calculations, data processing record-keeping scientific analysis etc.

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Essay on Computers in Everyday Life

As far as storage of information and calculation of data are concerned it has surpassed the common human mind. The speed-accuracy reliability and capacity of a modem computer are astounding. Computers in Everyday Life

In short, a computer is a fantastic machine. Now, the use of computers in every field of life. It has entered almost all our activities. Their use and application in various services departments business establishments, defence services, railways, communication etc.

have become a must. They have become part and parcel of Schools and the botheration system as well. In defence, they help radars missile and rocket launching automatic flights data analysis for casting.

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It has revolutionised business activities. A manager now can depend on it many of his activities and office duties. It can complete and calculate, with a lighting speed huge and mind-boggling amounts and data of inputs, expenses, income tax etc.

without any mistake. Railways, airlines hotels, tourist agencies now offer instant booking and reservation through the internet it networking has reduced distance as it can be used to coordinate activities at different places in countries of the world.

Computerisation has proved very beneficial in terms of cost, time, energy and efficiency. But it has added to the problem of employment. Office and business automation whereby computers have created unemployment. Computers in Everyday Life

Paragraph on Computers in Everyday Life

Now, a computer can replace the theories of people. However, computers are now forever. They can not be challenged or removed come what way. They have become a necessity of life. And therefore there is computerisation on a vast scale at great speed.

The computer user industry in India has been a great source of foreign exchange. Many Indian companies in the field of hardware and software products have done marvellously.

The foreign exchange earns many other things from other countries for our use. A computer works fantastically, its operations are subtle, complex and wonderful.

It has seen phenomenal progress and upgrades in years. The coming computers would before more fast, complicated, reliable powerful small handy and light.

Each successive generation of computers has proved it. Now note-book pocket computers are a very common thing. Gradually the personal computer would become a consumer appliance.

It will be a matter of course. The computer will further revolutionise our life and work. We can very well look forward to more fantastic bread of computers.


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