Television as Entertainment

Television as Entertainment, Television is one of the most fascinating inventions of Science. Wiréless and radio were considered some of the greatest marvels of science. Television was invented by John L. Baird of London in 1925.

Now, the television is in a very improved form. People were thrilled to hear the voice as well as see the picture across thousands of miles live. Television started on an experimental basis in India in 1in9.

It has gained increasing popularity as an effective medium for conveying news and information besides entertainment. Music systems, VCD, DVDs are also very important means of entertainment. Television as Entertainment

Among all the other headsets television plays an important role Television has revolutionized life all over the world. There is a television field of entertainment.

Essay on Television as Entertainment

set in almost every home in most of the towns of advanced countries and India’ also with the help of television sets we can see various kinds of programmes at home in a relaxed mood and manner. Television as Entertainment

It has brought stage and cinema into our drawing rooms. It is also known as the small screen. Its popularity is now well known. It is very powerful. There are no other means so cheap, powerful and popular as television.

It caters to the tastes of people of all ages and callings. One can sit back in the comfort of one’s drawing-room and select a programme of one choice. There are special programmes for special fields and activities, all 24 hours of the day and night.

Television as Entertainment in 300 words

It has also revolutionised advertisement, business and shopping. Besides Doordarshan, there are other channels like Starplus, Star sports, Zee sports, Zee TV, Sab TV, Sahara TV, Star Movies, HB0, ESPN, Ten Sports, Discovery, D. D. Bharti, BBC, CNN, Aaj Tak and many others.

Serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bharat Ek Khoj, Humalog, Khandan have already been screened on T. V. Many modems and scientific programmes, Mega serials, Gameshowlike KBC, KYZ, Saregama Pa and other music-based programmes have been very popular on T. V. It has replaced cinema to a great extent.

Then there are television lessons for all the levels of students from primary to university. It has helped a lot in the spread of education and removal of ignorance and superstitions. Television has become a part of our daily life.

People spend many hours daily viewing television programmes. Its reach is very wide. Even in rural and far-flung areas, it is now common and popular. There are programmes for the youth.

Women, rural population, farmers, traders businessmen, sports lovers and music lovers. There are also cartoon films and other programmes for children. T.V. has certainly made the world a better place to live it and it has proved to be a very useful means for broadening our vision, enhancing our general awareness besides entertainment.

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