Essay on Environmental Pollution

Essay on Environmental Pollution

The fight against the pollution menace has been on since time immemorial. The magnitude of the entertaining problem was less alarming in the earlier times and its solution was also less sophisticated. Essay on Environmental Pollution

Even Ashoka the great put premium on the protection of animals and plants. The world today is full of the terrible problem of pollution. We cannot put the clock back and we cannot hark back to a simplistic natural state. Technology has made a foray into our life. Industrialization is here to stay.

We must have a defence mechanism against alarming pollution which threatens the extinction of human lives. The government is out to minimise the effect of industrial pollution.

Acts for Pollution

The thrust of the anti-pollution campaign should be to force industries to adopt modem scientific modes to bring down to the minimum the toxicity of industrial wastes. To contain the escalating pollution legal compulsions coupled with restrictions must be resorted to.

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Acts for monitoring pollution levels in varied ecospheres have started functioning with tremendous success in developed states. The third measure should be initiated to entrap hazardous discharges or the emitting smoke from factories and tO neutralise them by filters and absorbers.

The accessory plants must be set up to convert toxic by-products into substances of utilitarian import. The pollution has resulted from deforestation solutions to the vexing problem of air pollution are to be met in the forms of afforestation.

Nature has furnished us with a solution to the problem of oxygen deficiency in the ambience in the process of photosynthesis of plants. Hence planting trees is a remedy to air pollution.

After air, soil and water are the major affected areas of the io-sphere. Mining and quarrying for minerals, felling of trees for fuel, clearing of forest for agriculture degrade the soil.

The trees should not be axed down. There must be an accent on afforestation. Overdose of pesticides is another threatening menace in the agricultural sector. Protection of the environment is a sine qua non for the survival of life on this planet.

Pollution in Public

Now in school and colleges, environmental study has been made the regular subject for studies. The programmes are being launched to combat this hydra-headed monster of pollution. There must be an awareness of the preservation of nature.

This awareness will be our shield against pollution. Thus plant trees and saving the earth is the clarion call of environmentalists.

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