Essay on Unemployment

Essay on Unemployment

Essay on Unemployment, Nowadays Unemployment is a big curse. Man is made for work. It has been said that ‘an idle brain is a devil’s workshop’. It is perfectly true. An idle man always thinks of one mischief or other.

Thus, an idle man is not only a burden to himself but also a positive danger to society. Many people remain unemployed, not because they want to remain unemployed but because they have nothing useful to do.

The government must open avenues of employment for various classes of people. In our country, unemployment is growing increasingly among the educated middle class.

Schools and colleges are growing in number and every year they turn out lakhs of graduates who wander from door to door in search of jobs.

What is the cause of unemployment particularly among people?

The answer lies in the defective system of education. Modem education teaches people to detest manual labor. Educated people can do nothing except table work. They book down upon business or other professions involving manual labor.

Thus, a solution to the problem lies mainly in the change of mentality of the educated people. When people will come to realize that independent work is better than any service, the problem of unemployment would be solved to a great extent.

Along with the change of mentality, it is also necessary to create eaten uses of employment. There must be profitable trades and occupations for such people to take up. The government has started a very helpful institution for the benefit of unemployed people.

The Employment Exchange is doing good work in many big towns. Many people have got employment through these Employment Exchanges. Since independence, our government has been making earnest efforts to open various avenues of employment.

It has started many schools and institutions to train educated persons in various arts and trades. It is encouraging cottage industries too. Certainly, our government has gone a long way in employing many, but still, a long course remains to be covered.

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