If I were the principal of my College

If I were the principal of my College, The present education system of India was introduced by the British to serve their ends. Now, it is not suited to the needs of free India. Urgent reforms are needed.

If ever I become a Principal, I would introduce the following reforms to have the ideal college of my dreams. Good and impressive buildings do not make a good college. Its goodness lies in its teachers.

I will have highly qualified teachers on my staff. They will be given decent salaries. So they will work heart and soul for the welfare of students. In my college, care will also be taken of the character of students. Booking knowledge alone will not be sufficient.

Principal of my School

They will be taught to be sincere and honest in their work and co-operate with others. Efforts will be made to develop them mentally morally, Physically, and emotionally.

All-round development of their personality will be the main aim of education in my college. Games and sports will be made compulsory. Arrangements will be made for all the students to take part in them.

Sports will be given their due importance. Stress will be made on Indian games and sports like Kabaddi, wrestling, etc. College unions, scout clubs, Debating societies, etc. will be organized through elections.

Students will elect the office bearers from among themselves. They will thus get training in democracy. The democratic spirit will prevail in the college. But they will not be allowed to misuse their freedom.

Essay on Principal of my School and College

They will also be taught the value of discipline. Our students often suffer from serious diseases. I will make proper arrangements for their regular medical examination. Their health will be the main concern of the college.

I will also put in my best efforts to provide them with mid-day meals. Some other minor reforms will also be made. I will not work in haste to bring about these reforms.

They will be introduced gradually but steadily. I shall work with the co-operation of all. I will administer my college not only by authority but also by love, sympathy, and affection. Such is the college of my dreams.

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