Noise Pollution in the Cities

Noise Pollution in the Cities, Man is the luckiest among all the creations of God. He can avoid all the facilities available in Nature. Even he is capable to control some forces of Nature.

He is still on the path of pursuing what is unknown to him. But on this path man has become myopic. He has been trying to change the system of Nature of his petty gains. He has forgotten the ecological balance which is so important for his rival.

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Paragraph on Noise Pollution

In search of truth, he has forgotten gotten bitter truth of the essence of survival. Pollution of the ronment is falling out of own deed. Environment Pollution is segmented into four categories: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and sound pollution.

Sound pollution is caused by the increased number of motor vehicles on the road, increased number of trains and air crafts in the sky. People diving in the vicinity of airports factories and train tracks suffer from partial deafness.

Sound pollution is also caused by loud-speakers in different casinos, such as, during Durga Puja, Saraswatitija and marriages. Sound pollution affects our mind and ear.

Noise Pollution Essay

Earth is not of the current generation. It has been inherited from the previous generation and it is to be passed on to the next generation. People are realizing the danger that we are going to face.

Efforts are being made to same the earth. Afforestation, cleaning of rivers and seas, treatment of affluents in the industries, using better quality of fuel, phasing out plastic bags are stop in this regards… Noise Pollution in the Cities

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