Critical appreciation on Pied Beauty Summary Theme

Pied Beauty Summary Ans. Pied Beauty Summary “Pied Beauty” is a religious poem composed by Gerrard Manley Hopkins, the great poet, thinker, reviewer, and scholar during the Victorian period in English language and literature. The poet was a great believer in the existence of

Critical appreciation of Song Poem summary

Critical appreciation of Song Ans. Critical appreciation of Song “Song” is a poem, composed by W. H. Auden, the leading American poet in English language and literature. In this poem, the poet has expressed his intense great thoughts and ideas subtly. The poet advises

Sketch the character of Mrs Moore

Character of Mrs Moore Ans. Sketch the character of Mrs. Moore. He is the leading female character of the novel, “A Passage to India”, written by E.M. Forster, the great novelist, writer, essayist, thinker, scholar during the Modern age in English language and literature.

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Sketch the character of Mrs Moore

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