Paragraph Self Study Cinema Animals Value of Money

Write a short Paragraph on Self Study Cinema Animals and Value of Money. Here all paragraphs are Under 150-200 words for kids’ school examination.


Self-study means the study of the self, by the self, and for the self in the actual sense of the term. But popularly by self-study, we mean studies on one’s own through library books or other resources. We cannot inject any amount of knowledge into students’ veins. But they should try to gain knowledge by the use of observations through their five sense organs. Self-study can be done further by reading more and more wisely-written books. Periodicals, weeklies, and da ly newspapers are there to help us in our self-study. It is a much better source of having the background to prepare than the coaching done in masses, in schools, and colleges. Self-study enriches our knowledge and also makes us self-confident and self-reliant in life.

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Cinema is very common now. The cinema has many advantages. It is one of the gifts of science. A film presents the drama of human life. We see new places, big rivers and high mountains in a film. We find in a film what we read on the pages of the book of History, Geography or Science. We learn many other things from a film. Thus teaching pictures is more lasting in the memory. A film is a cheap means of entertainment. It gives us pleasure. It removes our dullness. Beautiful scenes, sweet songs, heart-touching music, and thrilling dances take us to a different world. And for some time we forget the world around us. These are some of the advantages of the Cinema.


God made both men and animals. Some animals are wild; some are domestic. The domestic animals live with or near us. They serve our needs one way or the other. We have the cow, the buffalo, and the goat. We have the horse. In the past, people went to distant places on horseback. Even today we ride on the horse. The elephant is very useful to us. The dog is a friend to man. It is faithful to its master. It takes care of him and his property. The cat is another domestic animal that likes to live in the house. It kills rats and plays with children. Monkeys live in trees but help us in different ways. So, all the domestic animals serve us, help us and make our life easy and comfortable.


Money can be paid back but time can never be regained. Time is the most valuable thing in the world. The time that is lost is lost forever. Anything can wait but time does not wait for anyone. So, we must try to make the best use of time. If we properly utilize time, we can get success in all walks of life. A student who uses his time well fares well at the examination. Time is more important than money, if the train runs late, thousands of passengers waste their time. If time is wasted, all the plans and projects get delayed and the nation has to suffer. We often hear the phrase ‘Indian time’. We should hang our heads in shame because even hours have no meaning for us. Let us understand the value of time and get what we deserve. Time is money.


This proverb deals with a situation where we expect to achieve something which may not be achieved ultimately. In our life sometimes it happens that we come to the point of getting our object, but in the meantime, something happens, which upsets our aim. We never imagine that something untoward would happen. So, we should always have their thing in our mind that we should not be over sure of anything unless we get the thing in our hand, we should not exultant. If we keep this thing in our mind. We will never feel disappointed in life.

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