Indian Farmer Rainy Season and National Flag

Write Paragraph on Indian Farmer Rainy Season and National Flag, here you got a short Paragraph on them, within 200-150 word or within two hundred.


India is a land of villages. Most of the people here live in villages. Our country is an agricultural country. But the condition of the farmer is miserable.

An Indian farmer has a hard life. He lives in a village. Most of the Indian farmers are illiterate. They follow the old method of farming.

An Indian farmer gets a low return from his field. His farming depends on nature. Sometimes he has to face floods and drought. He is often in debt.

He has to work in hot summer, cold winter and heavy rains. He gets up early and feeds his bullocks. He goes to the field with his bullocks.

He is not able to get two times meal. The government should pay attention to the defects of the farmers.


Books are the treasure of knowledge. They are of much use to us, I have read many books but I like the Bhagwad Gita most.

It is a part of the Mahabharat. Lord Krishna through this Bhagwad Gita preached Arjuna. Arjuna did not like to fight on the battlefield. He was disillusioned.

Lord Krishna gave him the message of Nishkam karma. He told him that a man must go on doing his duty without any motive to fulfil his desires.

He told Arjuna that the soul is immortal whereas this body is perishable. Thus he should not get worried about the death of Drona and Bhishma.

Thus the immortality of the soul has been very well presented in the Gita. It has rich philosophy. It gives us peace of mind.


The rainy season has got a very important place in our agriculture production. All the food crops depend upon rain.

The rainy season starts in the middle of June and lasts up to August. Sometimes it lasts in the middle of October. Nature presents very charming sights in this season.

There is water everywhere. Roads and fields are full of water. Farmers are very happy. Rain is essential for all kinds of life and plants all dirty things are washed away. Plants put up new leaves.

Sometimes it rains too much. Then there is a flood. It is very fearful. Farmers begin tilling the lands and planting paddy and other crops. So the rainy season is very useful for us.


Your Village:- I live in a village. Its name is Pratappur. It is in the district of Saran. My village is situated on the roadside. There are six thousand people in my village.

Most of the villagers are farmers. My village has a good library. There are a few shops and a small market in my village also.

There is a Middle School, a High school and a newly open college for girls also in my village. About 60% of the population of my village is educated.

There is a health centre with a very good doctor in my village. Life in the village is simple with little comfort. But people are friendly.

They are free from evil habits. Our village people live away from the evils of city life. I like my village. Its atmosphere is very good.


National Flag:- The flag has got a very important place in the life of a nation. It is a symbol of freedom.

Almost all nations have their national Flag. After 1947 when India became free from ish rule, then it has accepted the tri-the colours flag.

Our national flag has three colours-saffron, white and green. The saffron colour at the top stands for service and sacrifice. The white colour in the middle stands for truth, purity and peace.

The green colour at the bottom stands for faith, prosperity and energy. In the middle of the colour, there is the Ashoka Chakra which shows that virtues never die.

Our national flag is our glory. It shows that we are independent. So we have to protect and honour the national flag.

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